Memoir of occupation: renewing a travel document

Well, thanks to the occupation that insists on persisting its presence not just physically but more of internally … something that feels like acid running every vein. I had to pay a visit to the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem today to renew my Travel Document. As some may know, we Jerusalemites do not carry Israeli […]

سكر محلي محطوط عليه كريمة مخلوط بذباب وديدان وتلوث عامي عينينا

سكر محلي محطوط عليه كريمة مخلوط بذباب وديدان وتلوث عامي عينينا     بين حرية التعبير وبين وجوب اسكات الأصوات الملوثة للبيئة البصرية والسمعية، لا تزال الحرب تستعر، بين رافض لقرار المطرب هاني شاكر نقيب المهن الموسيقية، وبين مؤيد. في السابق لم تكن هكذا مبارزة في فرض الآراء بين مؤيدة ورافضة لتأخذ مكانا. الانسان الطبيعي […]

the non ending nostalgia to Return

When I first saw this video of a young Palestinian woman who came to a visit to her original village that was destroyed and now turned into a “national park” , I did not actually follow to the end. I just grabbed a sentence and I thought that’s it.. another nostalgic story of our displaced, […]

In the Shadows of Men: Marriage

MARRIAGE Since my divorce, I’ve studied and considered marriage carefully. It cannot be dismantled. No wonder marriage is described as an unbreakable charter. How can divorce be allowed to disassemble such an institution, when a nation of people, despite their many differences, has united around the singular idea that a full life must and should […]

مقام النبي نون- يانون

Yanoun- Nabi Nun Shrine

Yanoun is 15 kilometers southeast from the city of Nablus. It lies in an ancient village nestled between the great mountains and hills common to the area. Very close to Aqraba. The village took its name from its Caanite name Ya Nuha, which means ‘calm and serenity.’ Its Roman name was Yano. Nun Shrine was […]

Aqraba- charms of Palestines

Aqraba is a town located in the southeast of Nablus with approximately 14000 residents. 60% of the uninhabited land is used for almond and olive cultivation, with the remaining 40% being used for fruits, vegetables and grazing purposes. In Arabic aqraba originated from Arab which means ‘scorpion’. However it also means the sloped rocky land. […]

A tree has a hundred stories to tell

I don’t know if it is me and trees … or it is the tree that has so many stories to tell to its viewer. From the olive tree of Yanun.. a village in Nablus district

In the Shadows of Men: We are Extensions to Our Mothers

WE ARE EXTENSIONS TO OUR MOTHERS How much we become an extension of our mothers without even realizing it. We forget our childhoods quickly, and immediately take on the role of the mother. We forget we were also children. We forget the emotions of our youth and their warnings. We forgive and tolerate until we […]

الانجراف مع التيار وضده …تطبيع مع الاحتلال وتطقيع للشعب

الانجراف مع التيار وضده …تطبيع مع الاحتلال وتطقيع للشعب بين صور لمسؤولين سلطويين سابقين وحاليين، وبين خارطة لفلسطين أوسلو على غلاف نشرة لجامعة فلسطينية، كان الضجيج المصاحب للغضب الشعبي من الموقفين كمن يصيح في فراغ لا تكون محصلته الا صدى لصوت يقتله الفضاء الشاسع. لم يعد يعرف الفلسطيني كيف يتحكم بلجام غضبه. فنحن مع او […]

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