My body is a pr…

My body is a prisoner of my heart. جسدي أسير لقلبي

Life Under Occupation : Invading Palestine TV (Palmedia Studios) in Jerusalem

Life under occupation : Invading Palestine TV in Jerusalem   Another episode with the occupation took place this morning when the Israeli forces invaded the Live Broadcasting of Good Morning Jerusalem Show in Jerusalem ,and arrested the Producer and the Cameraman . As I was looking at it , I felt this was taking place […]

There is a part…

There is a part in my heart that cries .. Heartened, burdened with nostalgic feelings and betrayed emotions .. Silenced by bitterness and long ines and a forced solitude of a grieving heart..(11-11-2012,LP)

Reflection on Occupation : Captured moments from a Novel

These paragraphs captured me, and somehow, they felt so relevant to our life today as Israel marks 60 something of independence, and we celebrate our Nakba. The novel took place in Algeria when it was a French colony. When Arabs were the subworkers, lesser indigenous people and served the feudal colonial regime that they lived […]

Tahafut (incoherence) : The murder of Arafat

The murder of Arafat… Nothing is new, neither the crime, nor the killer, or the participants … Well, we still need to know who exactly among those who were surrounding the late Palestinian Idol participated and facilitated his murder. What we know that it cannot be someone from outside, the Deceased was living in a […]

Reflections on Occupation : My dog and the President

Reflections on Occupation : My dog and the President.

Reflections on Occupation : My dog and the President

  My dog and the president ( a confused title for a confused situation) My search for Brownie (the dog), reminded me of our failure as a nation. I was wondering like a fool probing for a “stolen” dog, that seemed appealing in the eyes of those youngsters inside a society, those eyes you with […]

Reflection on Occupation : Back from Abroad through the Allenby Bridge

Coming back to the same time zone and twilight zone as well … as if all my feelings and sensations that I left right here on this border of the bridge when I left Jerusalem a week ago are back waiting all jamming like those people I have been around for the last few hours […]

On Naksa : excerpts from Prisoner of Love

Today is 48 years of Naksa , our loss of whatever left of Palestine to what became Israel beyond the partition plan of 1947… As words will repeat themselves… A paragraph that I find ” amusing ” and self descriptive to our ongoing Palestinian real Naqsa.. the Naqsa bigger than occupation from the immortal Jean Genet […]

A diary on Occupation : Humanitarian Tourism

Humanitarian Tourism… Living in a life full of contradictions. Injustices and integrity. Prejudice and gender equality. Regimes being destroyed, autonomies being occupied under liberation notions and emancipation. Dictatorship supported under the rule of law conceptions and shadows of democracy. Men, women, children… dead bodies spread all over the world, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Palestine …..and […]

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