Tahafut (incoherence ) : copy paste reflection

In a life full of such different same creatures, a copy paste of the same form of imitated ideas that can not reach to a level of a decent or any ideology, people who have some tendency to think will definitely feel pushed away towards an alienated space. As we grasp the different levels of […]

women seem to b…

women seem to be the pre-ad7iyeh (slaughter) of the Eid this month … A nation who dehumanize its women .. can never get to a level of claiming nationhood.. Nations need real men to claim , not savages , who abuse and slaughter their CREATORS ..

A diary on Occupation : The language I use is the language I feel .

The language I use is the language I feel. Sometimes there is no place left for making it softer. Today I received this from an Israeli friend responding to my post about the Israeli invasion of Palestine TV program Good Morning Jerusalem: “I think this piece (as well as some others) would be far more […]

قوي قلبك شوووووووت i am on ur side..we will survive…yalla yalla …..ohhhhhhhh

قوي قلبك شوووووووت i am on ur side..we will survive…yalla yalla …..ohhhhhhhh.

قوي قلبك شوووووووت i am on ur side..we will survive…yalla yalla …..ohhhhhhhh

Mohammad Assaf for World CUP !!!!! yalla yalla

My body is a pr…

My body is a prisoner of my heart. جسدي أسير لقلبي

Life Under Occupation : Invading Palestine TV (Palmedia Studios) in Jerusalem

Life under occupation : Invading Palestine TV in Jerusalem   Another episode with the occupation took place this morning when the Israeli forces invaded the Live Broadcasting of Good Morning Jerusalem Show in Jerusalem ,and arrested the Producer and the Cameraman . As I was looking at it , I felt this was taking place […]

There is a part…

There is a part in my heart that cries .. Heartened, burdened with nostalgic feelings and betrayed emotions .. Silenced by bitterness and long ines and a forced solitude of a grieving heart..(11-11-2012,LP)

Reflection on Occupation : Captured moments from a Novel

These paragraphs captured me, and somehow, they felt so relevant to our life today as Israel marks 60 something of independence, and we celebrate our Nakba. The novel took place in Algeria when it was a French colony. When Arabs were the subworkers, lesser indigenous people and served the feudal colonial regime that they lived […]

Tahafut (incoherence) : The murder of Arafat

The murder of Arafat… Nothing is new, neither the crime, nor the killer, or the participants … Well, we still need to know who exactly among those who were surrounding the late Palestinian Idol participated and facilitated his murder. What we know that it cannot be someone from outside, the Deceased was living in a […]

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