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كاتب سعودي: لماذا لا نتخلص من الفلسطينيين؟

كاتب سعودي: لماذا لا نتخلص من الفلسطينيين؟.

Reflection on Occupation: Celebrating Occupatiom

Commemorating Nakba…. celebrating independence… I am taken I could say with some enraged feelings ,quiet from inside though ,for some Israeli leftist zionists who seem to seriously sail with the notion of a Palestinian state and peace and freedom … And so on and on … I still believe that my tolerance to the other […]

Muhatarat (incoherence: A thought on the Day , women’s Day

A thought on the day I am trying to write something that my pen doesn’t grasp…. Somewhere in my head it’s not ready yet… But so many things are happening around .. So much focus on prisoners hunger strike, Israeli apartheid , a prisoner that was martyred, a wounded demonstrator that joined in martyrdom rally […]

Reflection on Occupation : Gaza and the Sea

Gaza and the SeaIs it just a new-fangled scenario that add to our grieve? Is it an added collection of martyrs ? Should we rejoice the joining of International martyrs to the flock of Palestinian Martyrdom ?Israel once again ….preparing itself since the morning to criminalize the victims and spreading salt on the dead bodies […]

Reflection on Occupation : Bye Bye Peace ?

Reflection on Occupation : Bye Bye Peace ?.

Reflection on Occupation : Bye Bye Peace ?

Bye Bye Peace????? It is one of those funny days …. It felt really good to look into the headlines and for the very first time maybe I was gazing into a good news .. Palestinians reach an agreement to reconciliation . And suddenly headlines were flashing with opposition , “Netanyahu: PA must choose between […]

Tahafut (incoherence ) : copy paste reflection

In a life full of such different same creatures, a copy paste of the same form of imitated ideas that can not reach to a level of a decent or any ideology, people who have some tendency to think will definitely feel pushed away towards an alienated space. As we grasp the different levels of […]

women seem to b…

women seem to be the pre-ad7iyeh (slaughter) of the Eid this month … A nation who dehumanize its women .. can never get to a level of claiming nationhood.. Nations need real men to claim , not savages , who abuse and slaughter their CREATORS ..

A diary on Occupation : The language I use is the language I feel .

The language I use is the language I feel. Sometimes there is no place left for making it softer. Today I received this from an Israeli friend responding to my post about the Israeli invasion of Palestine TV program Good Morning Jerusalem: “I think this piece (as well as some others) would be far more […]

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