A relationship…

A relationship that doesn’t make you happy is not the relationship that is right for you .

When you see a …

When you see a man alone , he is either a total loser or an absolute bastard.

When East meets…

When East meets West. It’s Humility and Vigorousness into Prosperity and Enlightenment …When West meets East , it’s Imperiousness and Superiority into Implosion and Vanity….

living to be occupied

 A reflection on occupationWe were taught when we were young that colonization occurs for different reasons ,mostly because the colonizer wants the commodities of that country for economical reasons .Being among the few nations under official occupation in the current history , occupation transferred into an industry .I had the opportunity to work and observe […]

Trust your intu…

Trust your intuition.. it will never fail you … it is only people who fails you ..

Tahafut (incoherence of ) il government

  Tahfut(incoherence of ) il- government : A unity government.   It could be a sign of a total pessimism that I didn’t believe that a unity government could be formed. The fact that a government was formed doesn’t also change my distrusting attitude. At the same time it still doesn’t mean much. At the […]




In the memory of all that felt like true moments to the bitter burning nostalgic memories…. Jerusalem of the Heart … April2012


whatever  For the past almost two weeks , everything was overwhelmingly surprising on the political bubble. Suddenly growing and growing and at a pin point splashing into enormous ridiculous drops .I was so furious , to express my rage in Arabic. It happened to me when I decided to get a divorce. For the first time […]

باسم يوسف والسيسي ….المحجبات والورديه\شميدت

الحريات الموجعه باسم يوسف والسيسي بنات الورديه وارطانس(بنات شميدت و(مش عارفه اسم المدير\هلم يكن من المفاجيء سماع خبر إيقاف برنامج البرنامج للإعلامي الساخر باسم يوسف ، في ظل تغيرات غريبه شهدها الشارع المصري منذ ٣٠ يونيو الفائت . باسم يوسف الذي كان العدو الاكبر لحكومه مرسي ، والذي من الممكن انه احدث تغيرا نوعيا في […]

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