Bio: Exploring my own Shoes …

somehow my walk..

my way …

Being a woman is one thing;

One important thing of originally two things.

However, living in a global patriarchal dominance makes one thing dominant over  another .

A lifetime struggle of women’s resilience for being the one thing they are….

Women .

All the resilience of being a woman is another ONE thing .

Being a Moslem woman is another thing .

Being a Moslem woman living in an Occupied land is definitely a totally other thing.

What if you add divorce to this ?

Being a Woman, a Moslem , a Palestinian and Divorced … makes the introduction to living in my shoes…

Living in a Shoe of a Woman.

PS. English is not my first language.. I know I often need to edit , however, there is something in the power of the ‘click send’ button.. ever since I did it the first time .. I enjoy clicking directly from my heart…unedited…


  1. I love your Bio. I’m not moslem but I have lived for many years as a woman in moslem countries and cultures and understand your resilience!

    • Thank you ..with occupation … it is more of a challenge , because somehow u resist two powers in the same time that are enemies from one side and share many similarities from another .

  2. Thank you for following my blog and for liking some of my posts. I look forward to reading more of your post. Have a blessed weekend to the glory of God!!

  3. Hi, Nadiah, I’ve been reading the English-written pieces of your other blog, as well. I love it. It makes me think in a manner I never thought before. I thirst to learn from the people, as opposed to government, to understand why we can’t all get along better in the world. No matter what nation or what people I seem to communicate with, with governments aside, there seems to be so much to learn and that most of us are of the same heart, wants, needs and desires. I hope our friendship can grow for the mutual benefits of both of us. Thanks for making that possibility happen. Keep writing from the heart because I can feel your heartbeat in every word.

  4. My heart walks with you Nadia. I am happy you wandered into Spirituality Without Borders so I could find you here. I look forward to learning from you.

  5. Passion is the first step towards truth and beauty…I have always like people that talk from the heart, independenlty whether or not I agree with them or not!


  6. i admire your work and your personality and honesty and thank you for sharing your gift and you leave a strong impression and also a strong mind. peace and the best

  7. A pleasure to meet you. Don’t worry about your English – you’re doing just fine – better than many who grow up with it as a first language!

  8. Thank you for following my blog. Don’t every worry about editing or English not being your first language. I don’t judge that. I’m sure some of my Japanese has made some of my readers cringe, but they are always so kind and never criticize. I learned that lesson from them! I looking forward to receiving future posts from you and learning about your life and your perspective.

  9. Thanks for like and following Nadia and really look forward to reading your posts, as l try to get as close as l can to the news and of course the truth. Have followed you back and liked your honesty in your writing.

  10. Hi Nadia, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site! We look forward to exploring yours, too. If you’re on Facebook we also invite you to visit the RAXA collective page. See you there!

  11. Thanks Nadia…..the Palestinian dogs stories are inspring ! I were living in Paris at the time of Sabra & Shatlia in September 1982.
    The killing of the horses was on the first page in the French media…they readers where shocked..really the killed the horses.?..along the side of thousands of Palestiinians ( cadavres ) !!!
    Since then I feel deep sadness for the children of Gaza and it,s dogs…
    Please keep writing …

    • Thank you Khadra, I know amid the lack of sympathy on human lives , a life of a dog wouldn’t consider …the way children are being killed is so cruel . u watch tv and it looks as if they intentionally target children.
      but living with dogs, it makes them more of a sensitive targets. the first days of the seizure of shufat , i was worried that zoe , the mischievous dog would bark. when u see a soldier who enjoys killing a child ,a dog will definitely not count for him.. i imagine how it is also today in gaza

  12. Thank you for following my blog! Yours looks really interesting, I look forward to reading more of what you post. Wishing you the best during this awful time in your area of the world…

  13. Thanks Nadia, for this informative and well-written blog! It gives a very useful perspective on the Palestinian situation, from an angle that is usually not covered by normal medias. Cheers

  14. Wow, what an introduction!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I’m sure they contribute to more people seeing that not everyone walks on a “smooth asphalt leading through a plain”.
    As William Blake put it: “Improvement makes straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius”.
    For this, one needs good shoes, as the ones you are wearing:)

    All the best!

  15. Ms. Harhash… if that is correct; Nadia, if I may…..

    I saw you followed my blog, ECR; as I always do for a new reader, I came by to see your site. I don’t get to spend much time surfing, or reading as many sites as I’d like to, due to physical constraints from age; in short, I have chronic pain, & can’t sit for long periods… I do manage to get my blog done each day, and spend SOME time researching for material, so the time I spend on other blogs is limited to commenting like this, whenever I have the relief from the pain long enough to go around to my friend’s sites here on WP…

    I can see already I’ll be back to see more; what I’ve seen thus far is fascinating to me, as a student of humanity for many years. From what you wrote in your “About” statements, you’ve made a good start toward true peace, within yourself, which always translates into bringing more peace into the world around you…. I see strength, honesty, and compassion in you; I need to know no more….

    Welcome to Exploring Consensual Reality; I hope what you read there brings you some laughs, and some thoughts, and some joy, along with some little disturbance at some of my ranting material… I do talk of some terrifying subjects, in terms of what is in store for Mankind in the near future…. But, then, I also balance that with poetry, and music, and humor, hopefully well enough to entertain….

    I was entertained by your site, too, in that I’m enjoying learning about a new, interesting woman, with a grand heart, and more than oatmeal in her head…. (That’s a joke… too may women in the world are emotionally and mentally abused by the male society we live in, and actually believe they have no intelligence…. hence, oatmeal… but, obviously, your mind works very well…. It’s a dead giveaway, that you are able to communicate well in a second language; only someone wise enough to know to speak from the heart is able to do so with any grace….)

    As you see, I tend to go a bit overboard, but, hopefully, not without something worthwhile to say… Again, welcome…. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and talking with you, should you have a comment over at gigoid’s folly…. (my own term for my blog…)…

    Take care, milady, and Blessed Be….

    gigoid, the dubious


    • Gigoid the dubious ,
      Thank u for the smile u gave me for a fresh start of the day ( i will be heading back to sleep of course soon again ) … I hope to see u around and often
      I wish there was oatmeal in my head , it is healthier !!!!

  16. Nadia, thank you so much for the follow greatly appreciated and you are most welcome aboard my blog whatever your religion, sex, ethnicity and whether you own a pair of shoes or not! I don’t have time to read all your posts but I will follow to try and get a better perspective.

    On the news last night they had images from Gaza and everything was grey, the rubble and the dried land, the only colour being that of the faded rags adorning the people in the view. It looked like one of those photoshopped images where just certain colours were left in the picture, Unreal and should be “unreal”, but alas this was all too real.

    Have a good week, MM 🍀

    • thank u … it is good to have u and see u here … this blog feels like home)) the scenes from Gaza are horrific ,and sadly, angrily …speaking they shouldn’t … but it is a reality that continues

  17. Hi. I hope you are well and, more importantly, feeling effective in trying to change what you feel you must. I apologize for being absent as one of your readers. Best wishes to you.

  18. I have 3500 followers of my blog worldwide yet I only follow less than a dozen blogs on a regular basis. I am enthralled with your attitude and posts so I’ve bookmarked your blog for additional reading. Know that you are not alone and that your blog is important. – Bob

  19. Thank you for the follow in that it allowed me to discover your blog. I intend to read it further when I am able. I’ve felt for a long time that our country has not done enough to support Palestinians. Looking forward to getting to know you through your blog.


  20. Hey there Nadia, I hope you’re fine and rested from the tribulations in Nigeria – safely back home, just to face the structural violence you usually write so eloquently about. I just read through your blog on Nigeria. It hurts to read it as an African. Embarrassing really… all the clichés confirmed during your travels will be used by others to thicken the already tarnished image of our continent’s people again I fear… but well… what shall we do… what shall I say? Not all of us are filthy and mischievious. Salam, Shalom, Stay well.

    • I insist that what happened was an experiment that definitely reflected some aspects that are true about what has been going on in Nigeria. Sadly speaking , it was too much of what seemed normal . HOWEVER, and I insist , as much as I insisted not to change my flight , because I strongly believe that what we experienced was a specific case and incident , and Nigerians are like all over the globe just people with good and bad. my last days were only with Nigerians ,and if given the time I would have loved to stay . I felt loved, welcomed, and safe . They tried by all means to show and tell what i already believe : ” we are not all the same “. and in Nigeria’s special case they insisted on adding : ” this is why we voted this government out , because of Margaret and her alikes.”

  21. Hi! I am curious as to why you are following MY blog!

    What do you think of the One State Solution – full legal and political rights for Palestinians in Israel and the Occupied Lands? The Two State Solution doesn’t seem to be going well thesedays.


    • hi, I was about to say it was just the coincidence of connection, until i saw the title of ur blog : I like the word ” perplexity” . the discussion on one state two states is long . i agree that the two state solution isn’t viable given the reality on the ground . but also , a one state would only mean an apartheid state , which i am not sure is the solution . but in many ways, this seems the only existing coming solution ..

      • Well, my idea of a One State Solution does not include apartheid, but I agree, unless the Israeli government changes radically, that is what it would be. Or is it not that now?

        I am a Jew, but an atheist, and not a zionist, but I can’t help feeling ashamed of the things done in the name of the religion I was born into.

      • I strongly believe that change in the israeli public is needed . THe new elections show an important alarming situation inside the israeli street which is undoubtedly going far right . in the last 20 years, the idea of normalizing the situation in the status quo has worked , however , it remains sad and bad, because the path of apartheid is not a “positive” one to a state that wants to look democratic. But , undoubtedly this is the situation . IT is true that one hears some powerful genuine jewish\israeli voices that seek a real just solution , but those represent nothing but their very own voices.

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  24. ازمه قياده :
    رأيت ناقه تسوق قطيعا
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    ورئيس سلطه
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    يمشي إلهويدا
    على بساط احمر
    احمر فاقع
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    رءيس بلا رءاسه
    يتبعه سرب
    من اللقطاء
    راتبا أو لقبا
    بربكم ارحلوا
    فقبل مجيءكم
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    تمل وءنا العزه
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  25. dear Ndia – the burning and killing of baby Ali and his family is horrendous. However, in your post there is something to be corrected. The man who was arrested was NOT sentenced for 6 months. He was put into administrative detention for 6 months as the state is investigating the case of his terrorist attacks (not necessarily he was one of the people who torched the house and murdered the innocent family). He is accused of being behind many terrorist attacks and the court upheld his detention while the state investigates. I do not know what will happen in the end, but meanwhile that is not his sentence. It is part of the legal process. May the police/army find the terrorists who did this horrendous act and bring them to justice.

    • thank you Julia for your comment , you are right . Actually this is a piece written by my daughter , who has note that the un-accuracy of that point , but I left it ( i will correct now though) because I was enjoying her emotional flow ))))

  26. Thank you, Nadia, for following my blog. I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance. You are so brave exercising your voice in the way that you do, in a world gone mad. I would like to hear more of what you’ve got to say, and will follow you.

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