Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey..Palestine…a personal feedback on the current situation

Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey.Palestine… personal feedback on the current situation


One can no longer watch what’s happening in Egypt with a pragmatic eye. Maybe the events in Egypt are drawing our memories closer to what we heard about and barely saw what happened in Algeria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. A probable list of countries that were torn into civil wars under the name of Islam and the fight for Islam against its enemies. 

When the Egyptian Military forces decided to end the camped rallies in Adawiya and other places, I felt they might have done the wrong thing for some time. What is incorrect with keeping them in their current locations if they are nonviolent? Ultimately, they may get bored of this situation and find themselves forced to leave. But somehow, my thoughts were as naive .as my previous belief that there is a conspiracy against Islam. The whole bloody scene of removing the riots and the reaction is still something that one cannot simply stop and blame one side and victimize the other. I firmly believe that violence and killing are not the solution and should not be the solution. But somewhere, rethinking it all, with this very nation, a year and a half ago, people managed to uproot a system after three decades of superb dictatorship, with solid masses that still believed in the former president, who had the power as well to use their capacity to burn the country and they did not. 

Each time I think of how the Ikhwan are still reacting to their removal, I feel terrified. It only ensures my belief that these people were intendingintended to take over the whole country and transform it into another Afghanistan. The whole idea of waiting for another three years is a realanreal absolute nightmare. 

Where is the nonviolent reaction to the removal of the demonstrators when we see buildings getting burnt? When are children based in mosques and frontlines to ensure that children are getting killed by the system? When women are being used as shields against men’s cruel intentions. All under the name of God. 

How cynical is it that Al Qaida condemns the violence of the Egyptian system against the demonstrators? What does Erdogan think when he disapproves of the very acts that he just did to his people, who were not violent in a completely opressiveoppressiveoppressive oppressive way a month ago? 

As for the U.S, I honestly find myself in no need to express myself towards their positions because they continue to prove that they are behind the whole formation of such groups starting in Afghanistan and ending in Egypt. 

Would Egypt enter into a civil war? My hope is not, and my feeling is that Egypt is different. A nation that produced Abdel Naser, and overthrew two presidents in two years, is a nation that knows well what is good and bad for her. I can not but see Egypt as a woman giving birth. With all the difficulties, pain, and often impossible outcomes, in the end, a new life is brought with new hopes. 

isIs any of this related to us here in “Palestine”? Sadly the sleeping pills we are on still affect our state of awakeness as a nation. We are still under a hallucinated sensation of a dream of resistance and liberation, not understanding or realizing who our enemy is, yet fragmented and by all means, shameless continuing to blame or warn one of the sides more than the other. 

Yes, I find it shameless to use the lesson to be learned from the Egypt events as a warning to Hamas. Hamas is, by all means, a partner in this hollowed place we are stuck in as a nation. 

Our suffering in Palestine is not because of Islamization and what is called a coup from Hamas. Our suffering in Palestine, aside from the occupation (ironically becoming remote); Our suffering is due to the absence of the means of democracy and the lack of legitimacy. 

Yes, Hamas is in danger because Hamas is probably part of those links of political Islam with this hideous agenda to take over and control the clan way. For the sake of an agenda plan, a naive person like me cannot even visualize any idea or form of thought. And we are lucky enough to have seen such schemes penetrate Egypt. But the Fateh PA is also in danger because they continue to fail in front of our expectations as a nation. We will not continue to watch as bystanders. The warning to the scene in Egypt is to ANY and ALL any tyrannies. In ANY form, an Islamic or secular or whatever disguise. The problem in Egypt is not that Mursi was an Ikhwan. The problem with Egypt’s Mursi is that he failed to meet his nation’s expectations. And he happened to be wearing the costume of Islam …

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