a new era …is about to be….

From Egypt to Palestine. An old era is about to end, with a new era that is probably a worse scenario of the retro.

As the Sisi is winning in a majority of 98% of (it doesn’t matter of how much of the eligible voters). A real victory to the choice of the voters (not necessarily the people, they must be collaborative Ikhwan). Well, it all doesn’t matter. It is true that the first day ended with four million voters out of fifty eight million eligible voters. The second day wasn’t much better. It was a result of the ‘incredibly hot ‘ weather (it must be the first time elections take place in summer) and (Egypt’s weather is probably not usually that hot in summer). As a result a third day for elections was called, and free transportation was offered to all, and anyone who declined to vote was threatened to pay a fine of 80 dollars (which could mount to one quarter of an average Egyptian salary). Miraculously, the media is celebrating now as they closed the polls, and Sisi (also Cici) seems to have won democratically with an overwhelming majority, not just the 98% of the votes but what started as less than 20% of the eligible votes in the first day jumped to more than 60%.

But what can we say. The Egyptians chose their future president; it doesn’t matter if it was 20% or 90%. A new era has begun …

In Palestine, we are waiting for the announcement of the new ‘reconciliation’ ‘temporarily’ government, with ‘ independent’ non Fateh nor Hamas figures, keeping nevertheless the same ‘temporarily’ ‘expired’ President, and the ‘temporarily’ prime minister ‘ and giving him another ‘temporarily ministry of interior. Swinging on the same ‘temporarily’ minister of foreign affairs for the last three or four ‘temporarily’ governments. And some new names that must be ‘independent’. An expired prime minister is promised to head an expired parliament. All will be waiting for the elections, and as usual with a dedicated timeline.

While this ‘temporarily’ government formation is quite interesting, it gives an opportunity for every Palestinian to become a minister at some point. The ‘reconciliation’ that suddenly seemed so close seem discretely distant.

Hence, today is the last day in a five weeks ‘timeline’ and as the names are flushing and sweeping. And while we are waiting to finally see a new ‘temporarily’ reconciliation government this time. Our to-be expired; temporarily staying president surprised us by giving a speech to Israeli “ peace now” groups in his Headquarters in his Capital city of the State of Ramallah. While addressing again the Israeli public proving to them once and again how much of the best choice for Israel, Israelis can ever get; Israeli settlers invade Jerusalem, beating, imprisoning, violating holy places and aggressing properties and people.

And yet , we are definitely on the verge of a new era …. A reconciliation government and a unilateral withdrawal by Israel to shape the new map of Palestine ??? Is this the closing end of the Kerry plan ? Or is it just my suspicious conspiracy thinking schemes obsessing in my mind ?

A new era is definitely about to start ….

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