Pandora Box

Right .. inside that Pandora box was just a hollow being that switched from a Peter Pan to a Dr. Jeckyle and Mr. Hyde.. and at its best performed his actual role as a Vampire… and it is true … what can come out from a DEAD MAN WALKING? ( from the diary of a woman who was trapped by a psychopath )

Jumping from a Pandora box of a life of a human being that cleverly switched once from a peter pan to Dr. Jeckyle and Mr. Hyde. Another from a narcissist to a hollow vampire. An empty existence of what is perfectly quoted as a ‘dead man walking.’ How much of pathetic is it to stay in an apparently pathetic relationship? When flags of all colors jump in front of you from all directions warning you just to jump and run for your life.

Somehow, to continue to be a perfect victim to such characters cannot be any compliment. But to allow one human being to trap you within one pathetic disguise and another is only a work of a master of naivety. No compliments, and no place for even blame. It is something that goes beyond.

How much of such people are out there? Science says it is one out of twenty. It should make nineteen rational human beings. But somehow that one could do the work of a hundred messing one’s life together.

How much should one warn others from falling into traps of a psychopath … maybe as long as one can?

Yes.. they are tricky. They come in this beautiful disguise of worn out poor souls that their survival perhaps is bound to you. Survival is not obliged to you .. Sucking your energy out, your soul .. is what they do .. and they live on your positive vibes and energy . on your bright man, while they jump from one victim to another.

But it is not easy … because it is your energy they are walking out with.

One day he will pay… hopefully when you are long beyond remembering even his existence… because all that you need to do is to keep running … run with whatever is left of your life.. because your life is valuable when he is not in it.



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