Nakba or Defeat… a year before.. a year after

Nakba or Defeat …

What is the difference? 66, 67, 68  years ago,  a new state was given birth and half a population of a nation were displaced.

Should we have accepted the partition plan? Should we have accepted peace with the new state that was given by force our own land?

Would that have resulted in avoiding our displacement, our ongoing diaspora? Would the terrorist organization, namely hagana had stopped its aggressions on locals and the massacres that resulted in terrorizing the whole nation would have been avoided?

As years slip in front of our eyes and lives, and our almost seventy years of diaspora, occupation, oppression and loss slowly find their way in the leaves of history books. What seems to remain is a commemoration of what is left of our memories of being?

And, as our struggle with occupation, and our resistance to aspire freedom, become a struggle for life. For a personal resilience to be or not to be a Palestinian.

To watch a youth that resembled me some years ago, resembling my son today, falling down as a martyr or as a victim … who cares. A young life that should be starting to dream of future of freedom … Dwells to the unknown skies of promised martyrdom under an arrogant bullet that stretched directly in the chest to displace him from life not just from a nation.

As the memory fades, and history is being in the process of rewriting, by the stronger. By the occupation. While we are being blamed for not accepting occupation with white and red roses. While the memories of defeat and blame are stoned on us.

Brutality of occupation never seizes to strike us … directly in the chests and lives of our beings. In our lives. When another Palestinian or two or three or whatever number is down. It is another Palestinian whose life is amended with a direct ticket with a bullet that will continue to witness the brutality of occupation, and the resilience, the thrive to live in Freedom.Image

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