A lost Cause

A lost cause


Suddenly everything about life becomes nothing but either existence or death, and it is all death that we see popping from TV screens. People still having chances of survival losing it with lack of any help, no medical resources or any kind of appropriate help.

Scrutinizing human lives being lost while we watch , a whole world watching , and still Palestinians fractions fighting and arguing of who is what , and Israel announcing this is the beginning ,and Washington asks Israel to avoid civilians ,and Hamas victoriously announces a death of an Israeli , and we keep roaming in this cycle of death .

Our death and their death…

Two hundred Palestinian souls for one Israeli soul, how cheap our souls are and how expensive theirs is.

And our leaders and theirs, using our lives to endorse their agendas. As if these people’s lives are the sacrifice to their politics. As if we do not exist. Hamas announcing that resistance is ongoing, of course the sacrifice is those people, those people who are being collected in cars like rice sacks.

The world cannot see these people any more, our leaders do not see them. People only transform into numbers.

It is so heartrending to witness, human lives being hovelled, with disregard to human veracity.

Shame on us who watch. Shame on us for looking into the tragedies of life and moving as if it is nothing except another episode of what is natural in life.

Hamas one more time announcing and calling for people to resist, Mishaal, Haniyyeh who cares, all reminding me of the Sahhaf and the ru3a3.

Resistance is something profound, even sacrificing ones soul for a cause is even more intuitive, but our cause is a lost cause, a cause lost between Palestinian fractions and Arab acquiescence, under an enormous force of domination and despotism, higher in power than ours within our meekness and fragmentations.

Even the lessons of the not very long yesterday cannot be grasped.

Some short time ago, when Iraq was invaded, we were expecting something concealed inside Iraq to make it survive, the Sahhaf was threatening and we were thinking he was there and he knew what they got .

The Americans were in Baghdad, isolating every street, occupying the airport, and the Sahhaf was still threatening.

Today, Hamas is threatening, and we know, and they know, that the only asset we have is the loss of those lives. As if these people are willing to sacrifice those poor people until the last person. As if Gaza’s asset is with the people Hamas is willing to sacrifice.

I wish, God is really up there just sending us any message telling us that all what we have is down here.

Hamas is using the same ways of Iraq, but they ignore the fact that we know, we know the Qassam, who cares if they fired 60 or 6000 missiles when they are more peaceful in their effects than their announcements.

And Fateh is calling for the release of their prisoners from the Hamas prisons,

And Egypt condemning Hamas for not listening, and the Arab foreign ministries will set their emergency meeting after six days.

And the number of people killed increase.

And we are still scrutinying,

Israel justifying its actions, Palestinians mitigating theirs, and victims are falling down.

In a world of injustices, yes, it appears that our victims are dissimilar than theirs; apparently an Israeli soul is more, much more, 200 times more important than a Palestinian soul.

The sight of this man, maybe he is a that man, or he was at this moment, being left to die, people around him not knowing what to do, his eyes staring up in glaze, maybe not knowing if he is still alive or already dead, waiting for death, who might not have been around for him yet, but he was glazing senseless waiting.

Those children running for their lives, rushing in streets from schools, with death surrounding them form everywhere.

Those wounded victims, who could have survived if they were properly moved out, those still missing under the rubbles of the attacks, those packed in hospitals waiting in a station for a closer stride up to paradise.

Is this resistance, or is it a waste of lives.

Perhaps this is how all occupied nations resisted, maybe this is how Omar Mukhtar led his revolution, and all resistance groups did. But at some point all was too faraway.

Too far from seeing it all too thump from our living rooms, it was all too far from our current present and becoming a just so close yesterday.

Another intifada?

For more lives to get lost, for what,

Even the occupation is left behind in all this scene of cruelty.

And it doesn’t really matter to any further extent,

Those lost lives,

For which cause have they been sacrificed?

It is all nothing but a lost cause.


I add on, to this state of loss, some words written by Edward Said maybe to add some light to this darkness:


“ Consciousness of the possibility of resistance can reside only in the individual will that is fortified by intellectual rigor and an unabated conviction in the need to begin again, with no guarantees except the confidence of even the loneliest and most impotent thought that “what has been cogently thought must be thought in some other place and by other people.” In this way thinking might perhaps acquire and express the momentum of the general, thereby blunting the anguish and despondency of the lost cause ,which its enemies have tried to induce.

We might well ask from this perspective if any lost cause can ever really be lost .”


Nadia Harhash


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