Politics is the Art of …

Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable , the art of the next best …


I started to write in Arabic, explaining my struggle with the words as I attempt to transfer them from my head to my hand on the keyboard, and I detect them as they hover unprinted while I pointlessly hunt for the letters here and there.

Furthermore, discerning the situation and as I usual internalize it. Watching the Palestine Israeli question in the me and my ex-husband ghastly divorce. Shifting the Abbas-Dahlan scandal into the “me and my mother” after divorce perpetual wriggling affair.

I clogged, choosing that there is no need for internalizing scandals, and I ought to emphasize on the cause\struggle\ conflict\scandal of the vaster matters than me … The Nation, The Home-land.

As anticipated, things revert to point zero. We cannot distinguish anymore where the conflict really began. Who ignited it and why. And as usual we are all joggling in a chaotic scene scratching in the faces of our opponents who were unquestionably a day ago probably our friends.

Things turn into a mingled blend .So mixed up. And the first thing anyone would ask you: “Which side are you on?” “Who are you with?” The other who is not on your side is definitely the iniquitous one.

One question remains scribbling in my head. Why did Abbas choose this time to declare war on Dahlan right before going to Washington to discuss AN IMPORTANT ISSUE: NEGOTIATIONS? Which leads me to another question: Why did Dahlan select this time to respond to Abbas’s accusation? Which takes me to another question: Does Egypt involvement relate to the current Israeli attack on Gaza?

Which takes me to another note; that Gaza has been under attack by the Israeli war machine since last week.

This categorically fashions the popping of another question. Is Abbas era as a president finally shedding out and a new ‘substitute’ is due ? And Dahlan ponders it is the moment to strike back as the next Fateh Strong man, while Abbas is defiantly challenging him by going to Washington with a final perhaps card to negotiate on: Marwan Barghouthi release? Maybe also Marwan would be the remaining Trojan Horse in Abbas’s pouch, and the Israeli’s as well. By freeing Marwan people will APLLAUD really very loud, even more vociferous than the applauding for Assaf, and the Odyssey amongst Fateh rivals. It will be so lurid, that we the ‘people’ will not even contemplate of anything more valuable, and it could be whatever is bequeathed from what was once a homeland. Something that is reminiscent of declaring a state in the United Nation …

This way, Abbas will give the final blow to Dahlan of course!!!!

Certainly, I am a naïve not serious analyst. All what I know our politicians divulge in , is the term: politics is the art of the possible (which I am pretty sure they don’t know who said it) and it goes to ‘The attainable…The art of the next best.’ Which I am also rather sure our politicians don’t know.

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