Tahafut il Occupation ..

Tahafut IL occupation (incoherence of the occupation)

In yet another failed attempt to focus on my final paper on Averroes, the news about Ateret Kohanim, a Jewish settler organization that is known for purchasing properties on the east side of Jerusalem, suddenly changed in my head from another frustration to a kinky smile with my mind telling me: ‘ well, finally it will not be east and west.

In the last years, I was feeling naïve often and stupidly alone, usually saying it’s Jerusalem. I am not from East Jerusalem. I am from Jerusalem. Because the term East Jerusalem is yet another name the Israeli occupation used to deem a reality of alluding occupation. Jerusalem is an occupied city from its east to its west by what seems to become a phantom UN resolution 181 as a (corpus separatum ) Separate entity. to be followed by recommendations: 2253,2254,250,252,267,271,298 and so many others…. That continued to confirm that all administrative and legislative procedures taken by Israel in the city, such as estate transfer and land confiscation, were illegal and assuring that no more activities that may change the city features or demography should be undertaken.

Ok … after decades of occupation that included separation, confiscation, from an Exodus to a Disaster, a Nakba, a Naqsa, an Intifada, Oslo, PA, Annapolis, Road Map, … what else. Erica negotiations talk … on-off.

A settlement here and there. Inside the old city, on the walks of the town, in the boundaries, inside my house, over your roof … integration…

Yes… integration is the word.

Re-reading history says that Arabs and Jews lived (well) together in the city. Maybe that is Netanyahu’s plan. Maybe Netanyahu is the savior Palestinian leader we are waiting for.

One thing for sure is taking place in my mind… Philosophy is just making it severe …

What I had from some common sense that refrained me from my Tahafut (incoherence) is now out and unrestrained from one incoherence to the other. And I can loudly go to the Incoherence of the Occupation. Wow. That’s an excellent title.

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