A diary on Occupation: A story of a nation

A story of a nation in two people.

A Palestinian loss

A cause thrashing

An ongoing Diaspora

A continuous expatriation

An identity that remains …solid, humane, pure

Though covered with burdens of miseries and mixtures of blended sorrows and difficulties

A story of a Palestinian lost cause and a shattered dream of two souls.

An attempt of collecting two souls in one story of a nation,

Though taking place sometimes at a refugee camp or a city.

A forced expulsion or a voluntary exile …

Both live in an inner exile among people, beyond space and regions.

Sorrow of a long history of a nation, filled with agony and despair

And yet

Powerful and determined as a profoundly rooted olive tree

Filled with the humanity of a whole universe

Surrounded by a spirit of divine creation.

Two hearts that bond jointly beyond Space and Place

Beyond Darkness and Shadows

Ahead of culture and evolution

Further than History and Past

Nurtured with a hope for a present

And a dream of a tomorrow that remained

For long, a vision of a nation

A dream of a lost nation for liberation and freedom


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