Tahafut (incoherence) : The murder of Arafat

The murder of Arafat…

Nothing is new, neither the crime, nor the killer, or the participants … Well, we still need to know who exactly among those who were surrounding the late Palestinian Idol participated and facilitated his murder. What we know that it cannot be someone from outside, the Deceased was living in a strictly closed circle that only particular people were allowed in.

Thanks to Al Jazeera, the continuous , apparent Angel of the Dark to taking the effort to investigate our Late president’s murder. To make things clear and evident.

What is sad, is worse than the murder itself. After all, President Arafat ended inside a circle he nourished, fed and created, and we Palestinians are all paying the consequence of the system and people he enforced on us. What is more depressing is the fact that people are so brainwashed, close minded, and under-surfaced to a level where, instead of strongly demanding answers and facts, still talk about conspiracies.

Last week, demonstrators were suppressed brutally in the streets on a peaceful demonstration, and they were trying to convince us that it was a conspiracy. This hunger of the street to revolt, to go out to the freedom squares as in Cairo and Tripoli, Tunisia and Damascus, was received with the same appetite to the oppression the military system in those countries use against their people. And of course, investigation committees were formed… those who gave orders to the security people to oppress demonstrators are the same who will investigate their behaviors.

And today, another committee for the investigation of Arafat’s murder is formed. Probably by those who killed him .. some months ago, when the children died in the tragic bus accident, committees have been trained by people who should have been persecuted.

What is sorrowful again .. is when in a country like Egypt, as a former Egyptian friend once told me, we can invite you all Palestinians on a dinner in Ma’adi, because you don’t even complete a neighborhood in Cairo.In a place like Egypt, with massive numbers of people, of differences, of real tyranny, and dangerous conspiracies being processed like preparing children there, they proudly managed to overcome a phase in the course of democracy and came out with dignity and pride that fascinated the world.

Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, managed to go over their real problems and started moving towards a wheel of a new era.

And here in Palestine.. in the last two or so years we are still unable to announce elections .. each month we don’t know if we can pay salaries. .. We still fight between two evils that we are aware are as bad as the occupation .. We beg for negotiation with the enemy. And the enemy continues or occupy us to the spine.

We live under misinformation in a time where information is at a click of a button. We live infractions when other people are integrating.

We have two outdated governments, two Legislative Councils that are not working, two prime ministers, a president who will be filling positions for every Palestinian person; a president, a prime minister, Head of PLO, even though he continues to declare his unwillingness to go for another presidency. We have a new temporarily government who just replaced the previous temporarily government that will be replaced with a unity temporarily government.

We have one leader, or so-called leader after the other being put under scrutinizing and accusations that start with a minimum of corruption up to murders.

And with one story after another, with one scandal after the other, we still roam in the same direction, failing or even make one statement for the murder of the man who will always be considered the Idol of Palestinians. And we shamelessly, instead of looking for reality, try to hide it and throw sand in the eyes of those who exposed some truths ……….


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