Muhatarat (incoherence: A thought on the Day , women’s Day

A thought on the day

I am trying to write something that my pen doesn’t grasp…. Somewhere in my head it’s not ready yet… But so many things are happening around .. So much focus on prisoners hunger strike, Israeli apartheid , a prisoner that was martyred, a wounded demonstrator that joined in martyrdom rally , the consul general of Britain kicked out from Bizet university for blaming him for occupation … For god’s sake!!!!! Al quds university
Closes after clashes between abu dees and sawahreh people. I have to remind myself that despite the high technology calls in the ads in the streets of Jawwal and wataniyyeh and different banks and some empowering dreamy idea here and there, the timeline of life here is still occupied somewhere in clans from the last centuries. as for Aqu , it is closed anyway, waiting one month after the other to the amount of salary of the already declined salary that might appear in our bank accounts.
Oh .. No more villages to be set up and removed game for this time …love in time of apartheid instead.. Activists becoming creative moving from khoury to Marquese, when we live Kafka and Orwell.
A minister resigns, the prime minister accepts, the president declines.
Reconciliation again and again and again . Amid it verbal clashes between the reconciliating masters.
A declaration here ,another there . Aziz Dweik is denouncing women ,Mahmoud Abbas empowers women . UNRWA cancels Marathon because Hamas decides women participation is haram and Rujoub organizes a women football match.
Chavez dies, Morsi running egypt like a head of clan . Bashar is back , no the opposition is in . Emirates capture attempted coup .Prince Talal objects Forbes calculation of his wealth . Obama is coming, Netanyahu is forming a government, damn !! Another two weeks and he still didn’t succeed… Corrupt, unorganized Israelis!!! We are still discussing reconciliation , and the president refuses the new temporarily transitional minister resignation ( at least someone with dignity) , and rallies in Gaza yes for fateh ,and others in west bank yes for Hamas .., and the nation is still waiting , no we are not waiting anymore …
And yes…. My thoughts are still distracted, and there is really nothing to write about…
Oh… Happy women’s day… At least we get something to be sold under our names !!



  1. My heart bleeds with yours and the world seems lost, yet dear heart, you are stronger than you know. Wear your shoes well and walk in the light that in spite of the suffering and injustice. Peace.

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