Tahafut (incoherence ) : copy paste reflection

In a life full of such different same creatures, a copy paste of the same form of imitated ideas that can not reach to a level of a decent or any ideology, people who have some tendency to think will definitely feel pushed away towards an alienated space.
As we grasp the different levels of the past, of time that there lived in its days and years people who marked history with the change that forms what is set as ideologies of today, it also seems that things are blown out with the winds of new forms of ignorance.
Ignorance is a virtue in a life where nations cannot set their minds to think . in countries where information is based on propagandist news and baseless, while all sources are open full and available.
Intolerance becomes a culture, while openness to other civilizations is so exchanged and merged.
Has it always been so dark and tasteless, or is it all just temporarily?
Each moment passes by with more strangeness in what once was home.
By each word of wisdom or a teaching …… a deeper gap is opened inside the world that is filled with shallowness ……..


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