REMOVING the ‘did the Auschwitz trip made him resign “

When I wrote about the Auschwitz trip , and later about the haaretz article about dr Dajani’s resignation , my intention was /and remains to reflect on my own views. In this case there was name mentioning . it was a specify person’s name , a hero for the story , so it was unavoidable . I never wanted to make it personal , because it is not . We put ourselves in situations where we stop becoming persons, but public.

I understand that what I wrote should irritate the man , his circle of people and others maybe . But if we claim freedom of expression to ourselves we should allow it to others . In this case , it was too much to see that someone is responding in the other direction.

And since what I wrote seems too  provocative , and my intention remains expressing my own ideas and not attacking others in persons , I am removing the post .

Hopefully, These people realise that in the world of social media , the forum has changed , and it is no longer one smart man controlling media ……

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