responding to the responding posts to the responds of the ‘resignation of Dr. D’ ( this is a title that should have Tahafut : incoherence)

Yesterday, I received an offensive post from “A Proud Student of Dr…” of course in defense to Dr.Dajani and in what took a shape of personal attack on me.

The way this “Proud student” was personalizing the issue and she seemed to obviously know me, despite her anonymous status made me decide to reflect on it.

First of all, there is nothing personal with Dr Dajani; actually my brief interactions with him were on normal level. It was however, obvious to me that we come from a different setup of schools of different things.

The first time I wrote a reflection was under Auschwitz Education, and for courtesy of integrity I wrote it both in Arabic and English. I wrote because the issue was all over the media and I was actually restricting myself from going all the way in my thoughts as a courtesy to the fact that I know the man, and we happened to be in the same work place and city.

The second time I stormed into this was after the Haaretz article, and I felt obligated to write back, somehow, maybe my own savior syndrome was provoked. It was the fact that this whole story is taking single side in the media, and I happened to be around on campus. This loop between this cloud cushion the media was presenting the matter with on the likelihood of Dr Dajani’s only side, and the ground, where things were seriously taking a whole different level.

It was my obligation as a person who knows and witnesses details on the ground, and I felt compelled as someone who works for this institution. I myself might be well known for my extremely critical views often to many structural executive actions in the university, but this was a situation that was totally taken by obnoxiousness and what felt like malice.

The whole thing of the trip. Again, my point on this is clearly expressed, and I would assure, it was a trip made in the wrong context for a right cause that is Dr Dajani’s righteous cause.

The other MAJOR point is, that, it is not I, but the University’s official body issued a statement. It is the university’s website, and it explains the story from the university’s side.

As I am writing this I received another message from someone whose name is in the post below as well. Again, I wonder why these defenders put me on line in this attack.

Dr Dajani addressed the issue to the media, the university responded. I am not the university’s legal adviser or spokesperson. My personal views could be right or wrong. It all falls in different set ups of perspective. It seems strange that expressing my opinion is waging this attack from these people. As much as Dr Dajani found it rightful to take the story to the media, and his “ WE the STUDENT of Dr D” (quoted) was able to also address the media. I think there is no need to take the attack personally on me.

Aside from spamming their posts, I found it amusing to share it and make the comment public.

Somehow, I don’t know why is it so important that ‘the proud student ‘ affirms that she is a FEMALE student!!!! I was amused picturing myself walking around the campus so popular among ‘students’. The word ‘CHEATER’ really also made me think, why would someone accuse someone in this context as a cheater. What does cheating has to do with this!!

One last thing, would be concluding, that I couldn’t miss to use it’s opportunity. Thank you (second post) for calling me MISS Leading …

Below are the two posts :




A Proud Student of Dr. …


You made some flat out lies about Dr. Dajani’s students and Dr. Dajani himself. Interesting that you have not read the articles Dr. Dajani’s students published in local newspapers and on facebook.

Personally, I think you are a disgrace to the education profession. The fact that you ‘lie’ flat out about Dr. Dajani’s students regarding their relationship with Dr. Dajani is abhorrent.

As a female student of Dr. Mohammad Dajani, who went to Auschwitz, I admire him, and respect, and he never tricked us into going to Auschwitz. We the students met with Dr. Dajani who explained exactly where and why we were going to Auschwitz. I only can say that you are a cheat. But I am consoled by the fact that YOU have to live with yourself with the knowledge that you are CHEATER. We the student of Dr. Mohammad Dajani reject you and reject everything you stand for.

If you do not notice, as you pass us by in the University, everyone talks about you. Palestinians are not as stupid as you might think, we can tell who is cheat when we see one. So when we look at you, we see a cheater that still does not know that she was found out.

A Proud Female Student of DR. Mohammad Dajani.


ayad dajani


well, I do not know from where you get your information, its miss leading, I have talked to all the students that went there, and i read their reports, and I have given them a lecture about Auschwitz a year before they went to the camp. your information is miss leading and an educated person like you should know better, go visit and look at students responses and read them.


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