Israel demands

So Israelis are talking about violations of International laws now !!!!!!!!

while the world cup fever is still heating up, the disappearance of three israeli soldiers the other day in Hebron is a real fever . 

And while Netanayahu was passing the new law to force feed the prisoners , and while prisoners under administrative detention are increasing in numbers, and while children and juveniles are being detained, sentenced and tortured ,and while the occupation persists on reminding us of its presence every single instant in this hollow lived life…

We are supposed to talk about international laws now ?

Let’s do that while Israel continues its search ….

Again, how a life for a life suddenly matters … A prisoner for a prisoner … a violation for another … an eye for an eye…. We lost our eyes and sight as a nation since decades… an israeli eye is a real loos for sight!!!! 

As long as injustice continues….Resistance will remain to be the only way to survive..


  1. Thank you for writing. I found you through Carol Hand’s reblog of your last post yesterday. The sad fact is there is really no international law, only international justification and jockying to hold onto power. But, a greater law exists, and this is what feeds resistance and the eternal demand for freedom.

  2. Freedom is a state of mind for all who want it.

    It’s leaping in the air and recognizing that landing is equal to the experience of soaring.

    It’s the willingness to forgo all perceived notions of truth for merely pursuance of truth- with pursuance as the sole goal.

    A free society requires free excercise of thought, free pursuance of education and disconnect from ideology- especially ideals of the state.

    To think that a government can grant freedom is illusory. Freedom is discovered, not dictated.

    I appreciate the posting


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