Israeli Intelligent Intelligence!!

The Israeli Shin Bet (intelligence) announces the names of the suspected kidnappers… So what is that supposed to mean ? A breakthrough in the search ?

After more than ten days of excessive “search” for clues from South to North . Destruction of properties, obliteration of possessions ,agonizing a whole society, ,aggression towards the youth and the elderly , violence, snatching children.

Why am I perceiving this as another unintelligent thoughtless news ?

So if the Israeli Intelligent intelligence knew about these two men , who I even knew about from the second day , because the names of the Kawasme men were mentioned as the first lead to the search all over the news .Why did they search elsewhere ? Why were they pretending to search for the settlers even inside a donkey’s mouth (this is real ) . Why did they raid universities ? Why did they chase children ?

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