Terrorism within

My heart is crying … not just my eyes.

Yes it is stupidly selfish. I didn’t cry for the boys in Hebron or in Ramallah, or in Jenin. They seemed far … I could only sympathize.

But this makes me feel burns in my heart.

It is so close. It could have been my son. It could have been really my son.

I would usually worry about accidents, street fights of young boys. An angry soldier on the checkpoint. Being in the wrong place in the wrong time.

My daughters would be out in the road at this time last year with a group of other boys and girls harassing neighbors with suhour chants. If my daughters were home last night, and they walked out, it could have been them who were found burnt thrown in the forest.

It could have been my son insisting that he stays out with his friends and join the Morning Prayer.

I thought I was prepared for the unexpected . That accidents could happen . That nothing is for granted. It is a life under occupation after all…

But not to abducting children from the roads of their neighborhoods while people watching and murdering them in cold blood and set them on fire.


  1. This is too dreadful. I hold you, your children, the murdered boys and their families, in my heart and in my prayers. I envision justice and peace in Palestine and will hold that vision every day, with you, so that it will manifest. Light does rise above the darkness. Inshallah.

    1. thank you … your words give me strength and warmth ..
      at this moment it is jut deteriorating ,and confrontations are under our house. they took the electricity off the streets so we can’t see.. we only here bullets and young people screaming

  2. I wish there was an ‘Agree’ button rather than just the ‘Like’. These cruel and senseless murders do nothing to further either cause – shame on those who committed these terrible acts. Our anger and our response to it must be controlled and sensitive. It is not a question of being better than the next man but of being a human.

  3. I saw this on the news and felt awful for all the families of the children who were murdered. It wasn’t until after that I sat back and realized that actual towns had been bombed due to this, that I see how different life is here in Canada and in Palestine.

    When someone murders people here, they go after the actual person who did it. They can assume someone did it, they can’t arrest them without evidence, and then they take them to court to stand trial.

    To think a town can just be bombed because a person who lives there might have committed a crime would be unheard of. It just would never happen.
    I wish there would be an end to this. After all these years of suffering, I hope a peaceful solution is found soon. My heart goes out to you.

    1. Thank you.. At this moment the confrontation is just under my house . We cannot go back home . We r at my sister’s place a few hundred meters away. We only hear firing and helicopters hovering over the neighborhood . The dogs must be dead frightened now home alone with a war zone just there. Waiting to be able to be there soon I hope.

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