Gaza Under Attack

Little of the details about what people are suffering in Gaza find their way into the commercial media. And it promises to worsen!



From a friend of Greta’s in Gaza. Ayman Qwaider
2 hours ago

Dear All,

• The current situation in the Gaza Strip is critical. Over the past 12 days, the enclave strip has been subjected to serious escalation of violence.

• The ongoing bombardment on Gaza has claimed the life of 13 Palestinians and injured 30 people among whom is a 4-year-old child until the present time.

• This afternoon, the Israeli F16 airstrikes targeted the massively destroyed Gaza International Airport with at least 15 air raids causing great panic for the civilian population residing around the area.

• To the north of Gaza Strip, the Israeli war planes have regularly hit agriculture areas close to the entrance of Baithanoun neighborhood. Considerable damages in people’s property were reported.

• The Israeli armed drones and F16 fighter jets have not left Gaza skies since 10 days. The bombardments get intensified during the night time every day. The Israeli war planes dropped thousands of warning lefts today in north of Gaza Strip threatening the civilian population of upcoming military operation.

The Israeli bombardments of empty open agricultural lands around the Gaza Strip over the past consecutive 12 nights aims only at terrorizing a nation of refugees composed mostly from women and babies. The psychological impacts of these brutal bombardments are insanely devastating on civilian population, needless to mention children who are born with intergeneration trauma.



Anyone who says a small thing cannot make a difference has never been in bed with a mosquito.




End the Blockade/Siege on Gaza!
Tear down the Apartheid Walls in West Bank & Gaza!
End the Israeli collective punishment on the Palestinian people!

End the illegal Israeli Occupation of all of Palestine!

Right to Return to their homes and homeland for all Palestinians!
End all U.S. aid to Israel

Free Palestine!


Support Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) & Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) Campaigns!


Support Gaza’s Ark


Support the Free Gaza Movement


  1. While you mention “support boycott” you do not mention what we in America could boycott to support Palestine. Any suggestions?

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