As Gaza is in blasts so is my mind ; what if ?

After watching Khalid Mish’al’s speech now, I was thinking, well, we have a leader. We can have a leader. There are people in Palestine that can stand up, speak well, and eloquently, and soundly speak out our minds.

As much as it shoulld look that it is against all odds. To think of a Hamas leader. All what has been taking place in the last three four weeks was a state of déjà vu for many important dates in the Palestinian memory. Starting from Nakba, intifada, and now the 2009 invasion on Gaza.

With all the shortcomings of Abu Mazen particularly in the last three four weeks, today he came out for the first time with a statement that to the least speaks to us. Of course it wasn’t fulfilling, but comparing his speech to the disappointing statements he has been telling recently I found him today in an exceptional state.

However, when Mish ‘al came out. He was addressing me despite of my reservations on Hamas leadership. I always believed that Hamas should always be in the opposition. It makes it viable. It makes our situation more balanced.

With all the differences with Hamas. With what Khalid Mishal represents as a political fraction that is fundamentalist and proved to be dangerous when in power. But today he was addressing in every single word my thoughts and feelings. His speech is so balanced, so heartily, so real, so fulfilling.

All this makes me rethink …

Why not Khalid Mishal as a real option for the next president.

We need a president that can be a leader. A president that has the charisma of a leader. A president that can stand up for my cause as a nation.


  1. I think both nations need leaders who will stand up in the name of peace, and who will refuse to fight anymore. People who resort to killing are mentally ill and not fit to be leaders.

    1. that is true … but thinking about it … aren’t mostl leaders support killing …
      israeli leaders, american leaders , arab leaders …
      each claim his murders killing of the barbarians …

      1. Yes, many leaders support killing. They are sick. We have to find a way to end the vicious cycles.

  2. Maybe the women of the world have to stand up and say we won’t take that sort of behaviour from men anymore. Maybe we need to take to the streets in massive demonstrations carrying white flags and demand that men lay down their arms.

  3. i don’t have a link . it was broadcasted live on a certain channel. It wasn’t on all networks and in Arabic . (if i find a link i i will send)
    His spoke to israelis and palestinians . he made his last statement to the leaders of the world .
    The language of his speech itself was important . the whole concept of resistance. being forced to enter a war they didn’t want to . the aggression , the pain that is taking place in gaza and elsewhere . his words to the israeli public , in supporting a government like netanyahu , the racism that is taking place. a striking word was : until now u hade palestinians who supported a shared land on the 67 borders, people who believed in trying to find a way out for the two people . if this goes on ,u will not find a single palestinian to support anything with you . killing and aggression and racism will not be the answer.
    he asked for palestinian union . he wasn’t using a provocative or blaming tone to any side. he insisted that palesitne is one unit . eash resistance should be in accordance to what they can afford . he insisted on the unification of the government . he never used a blame word for fateh (this is usually the tone in the two parties speech) . he seems to know everything going on ,the way he spoke about the murdered people . he also spoke about the kidnapping of the 3 settlers . that they said from the beginning that it wasn’t them . they would nt be afraid to declare when they do . ( i didn’t catch up all on that part , i was away from the tv)
    he wasn’t speaking about victories , he kept saying that they know that israeli is strong , they are the ones who started the aggression ,and it is an obligation to try to defend themselves. that israel was planning to invade in any case .
    his final word was to the leaders of the arabs and the world ; he said we will not ask u to do anything . we want what the morality and ” manhood” ( a typical arabic word for stressing on men’s dignity” . do what it calls u for. that was very powerful .

    again ,aside from the context , the way he speaks, the tone, the eloquence was very outreaching .

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