A world of injustice

The scenes that are covering the TV screen, the Facebook walls, and different social media sites are another reflection of a time that repeats the meaning of injustice.

Injustice while the world watches… mostly, the world ignores … the world is even not willing to see, and when it sees it is willing to switch the scenes from the aggressive to the oppressed (Diane Sawyer in the ABC made the aggression look like it is on Israel).

As the numbers of victims mount into tens, by the end of the day would reach to hundred … the wounded are in hundreds … the destruction is massive.

It is injustice …

It is the world allowing injustice to go on.

The world is watching children murdered with not an even a word of condemnation …

Our victims will again become numbers of terrorist falling down.

Our homes will again become terrorists hiding places.

It is again we and again we.

Their fear and our horror

Their sirens and our explosions

Their wounded and our corpses

It is again who attacked first

Who started?

Who provoked

Who made a statement?

Who condemned

Who sympathized?

Who supported what?

It is again death surrounds us by numbers

It is again homes become rubbles

It is again blood splits like running water

It is again missiles replace fireworks

It is again.

A world of injustice

It is again

Another moment of losing hope.

Losing hope on humanity …


  1. Please do not lose hope. I am one of thousands who pray, who speak when we can. As you said most “leaders” of all nations are mute to the ongoing injustices. I cannot say I know how you feel. ALl I can say is that your terror remains in my mind and my constant prayer is for the end of it, for the protection of all, for truth, justice and truth to arise.

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