Injustice breeds Resistance … no matter how long it takes

It is another moment of my ultimate loss of temper. In the last month I have been disturbed by Israeli Zionist leftist’s remarks that proved to me again that these people are nothing but the other face of Zionism that occupies me as a land and as a nation. But yet, I still believed that I could ignore them. Those are not the people I try to reach out. Or I care for reaching out. I tend to think that at some point humanity should win. It might not affect that ultra fundamentalist from any side, but humanity should prevail to those who have eyes to see and hearts to feel.

As the situation was deteriorating, with the brutal savagely killing of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, those voices insisted that their sympathy is in the same line with our lack of condemnation to the killing of the 3 Israeli settlers (whom by this moment everyone knows that the state of Israel lied to its people about the surrounding of the deaths, and until this moment the killers are unknown, or on the run, and of course they are Hamas subjects. the whole state of Israel cannot find 2 missing men in the west bank!!!)

I have been resisting this feeling of someone forcing me to kneel and ask me to apologize in the last month. Again convincing myself. HUMANITY should prevail.

Humanity once again proved that it is not humanity the way I see it. Humanity is about humans and humans.

Humans that they see as humans and those are not us. Humanity is classified into race and color. Into a fraction and a party.

As the scene of deaths. Of destruction. Of brutality of occupation only kept repeating itself … instead of making a statement for the humanity we preach. Some still insisted that those killed are Hamas. What if they are Hamas? What did the embryo that was shot do? What did more than 20 children do? What did those murdered women do? What did people inside their homes to die?

How can their humanity blind them from the scenes of death?

How can they separate lives into a Hamas or not Hamas.

Until a week ago, Hamas was just a group of people, a political party.

Today Hamas is Palestine.

Hamas is all Palestine.

Hamas is every Palestinian.

Until the aggression is lifted from our people. We will all remain Hamas.

I can still feel my heartbeat pounding heavily.

Yes. People may call me emotional,

senselessly emotional.

One should stay rational.

I simply cannot.

It is too much of injustice. Of lack of humanity.

Yes, we Palestinians seem to be masters of mischief.

We seem to always shoot ourselves in the feet.

But damn it,

We are the ones inside the slaughterhouse. Waiting for our time in a row for who is the next sacrifice for this viciousness.

Yes I cannot put it together since the murder of Mohammad, the attempt of kidnapping of the Zalloum child. It all suddenly came close home.

It all stopped from being a spectacular event.

It all stopped when the Israeli soldiers stopped differentiating between a child and an adult.

It all stopped when children were dragged away in the middle of the streets. Out of the hands of their mothers, and everyone else became a bystander.

It all should have stopped since we were leveled with the oppressor.

Yes, we Palestinians destroyed our cause.

The justice of our cause with a leadership that continued to seek peaceful means. Until we found ourselves in slaughterhouse.

All locked inside a big ghetto.

We are watching our deaths.

And we are supposed to watch still.

We are supposed to condemn Hamas.

We are supposed to condemn the death of Israelis who are out there killing us.

We are supposed to say thank you for the state of occupation for keeping us alive.

We are not alive.

We are under occupation.

We are living in a state of continuous struggle to stay alive.

And now that resistance in Gaza is taking a stand.

We are supposed to condemn.

Oh, they are Hamas, they are terrorists. We are not supposed to support.


Thanks to your continuous support to oppression.

To injustice.

Thanks for deciding to continue to deprive us form our rights, our existence.

We all became Hamas.

When injustice becomes law …

Don’t be surprised that we take resistance as our obligation.


  1. I am Hamas, I am the Palestinian child, woman, man. I am the rare rational just, truth speaking Jewish person who does not play with weapons with their children or teach them to hate those who are not Jewish. I am the 200 disappeared Nigerian girls. I am the thousands of Central American children running from abuse in their countries to an illusive safety in the states. I am the people suffering in Syria. I am the people suffering in Ukraine. I am the Palestinian. I am the Native American burying their lost spiritual culture in addiction. I am the children of America given drugs to stifle their creativity and independence. I am all of the suffering in this vast planet. All I can do is write, and pray, and cry and visualize a better day for all.

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