useless.. aimlessly useless

Going through a quick tour in media today. I feel like throwing up. My problem of course is not in media anymore. The lesson learnt from this has long been achieved. But media today has become like social networking. Nothing is reliable anymore. It is screaming, throwing accusations, blaming this and victimizing that. In the past it used to be a trademark of Al Jazeera’s provocative news. I always thought it could be a copyright for Palestinian disgraceful rivalry on news. Sadly, not sadly, whatever. The rest of the world media is not different anymore. The only difference is that maybe they don’t scream. But watching news that headlines with Hamas launching a war. Israel defending itself. Number of Rockets falling on Israel. Victim’s numbers in Israel are rising. Hamas is to be blamed for the aggression. Hamas uses people as human shields. Hamas whatever.

When you look into the pictures that no one can forge. When the number of children is just escalating. When children are direct targets. A group of children playing on a beach. Or a group of children feeding chicken on the roof. Infants. Families targeted as they are having dinners. When 18000 homes have been destroyed either partially or completely in ten days. When hospitals are packed with injured victims. When numbers of murdered people are rising every hour.

When the smoke that rises in the sky of Gaza is obviously poisonous. The world is watching, justifying murdering a nation that has been expelled, displaced, killed, slayed…

A world of gazlighting.

A world that lost its sense of humanity …humility …justice…

A world that Palestinians and all oppressed people of this world will one day

Will stop looking at.


  1. The world does see, people see. People are protesting, signing petitions, writing legislators, and praying. This may be of no immediate comfort to the parents of dead children in Gaza but some of us are doing the most we can do.

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