Resistance is the right to be …

In the 2009 aggression on Gaza, I remember how my emotions directly switched from a full support to Hamas as a government whom I believed was never given the chance to govern after winning the elections two years before, with a pressure both from the international parties and finally from the Fateh previously governing party. The continuous scenes of death invaded every vein in me. Suddenly I found myself thinking, what is the value of a nation without people. What is Palestine without people? The brutality of the Israeli war machine targeting every living thing in Gaza that mounted to over a thousand and five hundred victims was too much of a price for some rockets that were hitting Sderot settlement like fireworks.

I always believed that resistance is an obligation. It takes different shapes and levels. Armed resistance is also legitimate but losses should be evaluated well before starting counting them.

I still strongly believe that a cause that sacrifices it’s people for political achievements is not a worthy cause.

I remain to be not a Hamas follower in my conceptual level. I don’t trust them as a fundamentalist party. I am not proud of her enthusiastic indulging in the Egypt matter. This, however, goes hand in had with the Ikhwan short visional politics. That is a result of obvious lack of experience in politics and governments.

Hamas, however seemed to have learnt an important lesson since 2009. In the 2011 invasion, Hamas was stronger, but realized quickly that they cannot afford the losses. And probably, the Ikhwan regime was supportive to them in what seems today a result.

In this aggression on Gaza. I think that our memory to what took place is still vivid. Israel started it’s last aggression against Palestinian people after the kidnapping of the three Israeli settlers a month ago, targeting in what seemed intentional children particularly that included detention torture, lynching, kidnapping and ended up in the brutal murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir by burning the teen alive.

Israel waged it’s accusations and threats to Hamas for the very first day of the Kidnapping of the Israeli settlers, disregarding the fact that Hamas never admitted its responsibility (Something totally not Hamas style) and in the meantime took the opportunity with what also seemed organized and coordinated in demolishing destroying, attacking, detaining, not hesitant to killing Hamas people in an unprecedented raid in the west bank since the second intifada.

The announcement of the aggression on Gaza was another sign of tyranny to this Israeli arrogance proving, trying to gain points for upcoming elections in the Israeli side.

The rockets that covered the skies of the Israeli cities from south to north have definitely been unprecedented in the history of the Zionist state. Sirens are becoming a natural part of the Israeli cities in two weeks in a row.

It is true that Israel is not counting victims. And the viciousness on the people of Gaza is savagely.

But this is one of the times when the word Resistance is the word that conveys amid Palestinians with full sincerity.

As much as with the world, governments are hopeless, so with the political governing Palestinian Authority. In this crisis they are totally absent, and people don’t really bother about them anymore. It is the first time since the fraction between Fateh and Hamas that Palestinians are gathering as one. Regardless to the hall of fame, Israel and others for still not clear reasons allowed Hamas to enter, ignoring the fact that Hamas after signing the agreement of the unity government and the assignment of the new government is no longer in charge of the official government in Gaza. Ismail Haniyeh is back to be a member of the Hamas faction and Rami Hamdallah is the Prime minister of the Palestinian authority that includes Gaza. Since the first day of the aggression on Gaza, the rockets that were fired towards Israel were not necessarily Hamas. IT was for an ignorant citizen like me, a new lesson in Palestinian resistance fractions to know that Saraya al Quds belong to the Islamic Jihad. A military wing of Jihad that took the lead in the resistance campaign. Al Qassam that belongs to Hamas, and Al Aqsa Brigades belong to Fateh. For the first time since the fraction, the Palestinian resistance showed one side of Palestine not distinguishing a group from the other.

Something happened inside the whole pedagogy of resistance since 2009 that still seem to be impressive.

As we mourn the deaths, the weep with the bereaved, the destruction. The killing Israel is implementing is only breeding more determination in the lines of resistance. What do they expect from a young man in Gaza, who has definitely witnessed the aggression in 2009 and must have definitely experiences a life tragedy by loss of a loved one as a result of the Israeli incursions. These children that are surviving today and have just lost their best friends, families, neighbors. What would these children grow to become.

Since the cruel invasion on Gaza in 2009, a whole generation has grown into more determination towards resisting occupation. Israel only manifested itself as a vicious tyrant occupier.

In times were peace is promoted, a vicious circle of aggression continued to be enforced on Palestinian families in different collective levels. What we witness in Gaza is the direct ugly face of occupation.

There is his truth in the notion of the legitimacy of every Palestinian soul to the war machine of Israel . it is not something that Israel does in one massive strike , it has time . What is happening in Gaza explains the viciousness of the Zionist apparatus . the concept of goyims, al those fundamentalist cult notions , that doesn’t humanize except those who belong to them.

As much as it seems a mass of craziness from the resistance side to face such an undefeatable war machine. It is more of criminal, mad, arrogant move from Israel that knows well that this is an unbalanced war. And yet they show off with their pride in killing Palestinians and destroying their beings.

It is the first time since quite some time, where the sense of the high meaning of resistance makes sense again to me. These people really believe in their higher cause. It is not just the cause of Palestine. It is not about liberating a land from an occupier. It is about defending one’s humanity. One’s right to be. To exist.

It is about believing. It is about having true faith in a higher power. They could call is the Power of God. IT could be the higher power of justice. That should prevail.

Israel will kill our children in every single given opportunity, with no mercy, with no sense of remorse or empathy. Every Palestinian is a target. In Gaza, in Jerusalem, anywhere. If not in the past sixty years, it is today; it is tomorrow … it is until Palestinians disappear.

So don’t blame us for supporting Resistance.

Resistance is our right to be …


  1. When did “resistance” become “unrelenting attack”? It is not asking for “surrender” to demand that Hamas stop lobbing missiles into Israel, stop kidnapping and attacking individual Israelis, and accept Israel’s right to exist unmolested. Israel has not behaved well in all instances; I am Jewish and among many to criticize much of their handling of Gaza and the West Bank. However, only when both sides come to the negotiation table about the fate of the Palestinian “state” in good faith can anyone hope to pave the way to a lasting peace.

    1. when did occupation become a legitimate state ? It is very sad that palestinians were misled by Oslo . Oslo was the chance of peace for israel that israel continued to violate .As much as i don’t believe in violence. But when It is a violent terror state that i am confronting , don’t expect anything less.
      You say that palestinians kidnap israelis ?? what do you call the abduction of a whole nation . what do you call the kidnapping of children on the hand of israeli forces? WE PALESTINIANS gave israel the right to exist , but israel forgot that exists on our land, and this wasn’t enough , israel want to exist on our land without us. We understand that we cannot win a war against israel with such forces and weaponry. it is impossible maybe for yoou to understand . but we are a people with a cause. a just cause .this is our land ,and our fight is for our existence. Israel made it impossible for us to see it and its people as people. you think that we don’t mind our killings , no we care madam . we care much to life ,to make if worth living . and living for us is what we have of dignity …. one day … justice will prevail… i still hope not in a time when it is too late for israelis who had some decency… which at this current omen of history i doubt they exist .

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