Yes it is the Just Cause of Palestine !!!

Today witnessed the highest number of victims in the aggression on Gaza. More than hundred people were found dead early this morning in Shuja’yah neighborhood. The first numbers were sixty and by the evening, and when Israel agreed to a seize fire to collect the dead and the injured, the toll rose to more than a hundred and it is still expected to rise as people are found under the rubbles.

What a day for Gaza.

Not that it is exceptional from the previous days, the numbers have just been rising from ten to twenty to thirty to forty per day for the killed people. But today brought to us the memory of Sabra and Shatilla in 1982. The scenes of dead burnt mutated bodies in the corners and amid the streets. An elderly woman bleeding dead squeezing herself probably was trying to hide. Scenes that only memories can engrave into some story of attempting to run for life …but the hand of the fateful enemy remains more powerful than anyone’s will to live.

A sense of defeat was overwhelming … a day that will be always remembered in the Palestinian new episode of expulsion and genocide.

The Resistance channels were claiming that there were deaths on the Israeli sides, 35. The Israeli side said they lost 5 soldiers, another 3 soldiers, until a French newspaper said they were 15. Israel announced 13.

A game of watching news from here and there. What they are saying what we are saying. They are definitely hiding information, and we are definitely making up victories. No matter how victorious we want to appear. Our losses are turning into tragedies that will remain for quite a long time. As if it is destined for this nation to wake up every time and then on a tragedy that scars her with pain and grief for generations.

The loss was too tragic, to destructive, the fear, the escape, another time … another diaspora …expulsion …why is this not ending.

What is wrong in giving people freedom to live free?

By the time we gathered for the nine o’clock news, listening to the Israeli round of analysis, and Mahmoud Abbas supposed to give word, which turned out to be some gathering of chatting which he was briefing a group of people. He reminded me with my briefing to international groups about the situation. With all the nonsense he said, well, some mistakes that a president shouldn’t make, however, he also insisted that it is Hamas that refused the Egyptian proposal for seize fire.

Listening to him sounded like Egyptian media. They turned from this no remorse to the Gaza aggression, to supporting the Resistance and the people of Gaza, with the affirmation that they hate Hamas.

After hearing that brief non impressive as usual chat of Abbas, I felt again, reassuring myself, that our problem as Palestinians is not with the support or lack of support of the Arab world or the international community. It is not a surprise that there seems to be a free hand given to Israel to finish Hamas off. To invade, to re-occupy, and killing, as much they can is not a problem, after all every person in Gaza is definitely a potential future fighter.

The hypocrisy of the media of the world, the betrayal of the Arab system, including the conspiracy of Abbas, the arrogance of Israel, and the degusting hypocrisy of the united states, today came all hand in hand. When Kerry almost jumped off his chair during the live interview in fox news upon hearing the death of 15 Israeli soldiers. It felt like it was he heard about the death of his own family.

The scenes of the killing in the streets were so capturing … it all downed negatively on us. I could imagine all Palestinian people going through what we went through at night. Swallowing the sorrow of oppression, the betrayal of kin and a continuous defeat.

The Israeli defeated brigade today, was pretty impressive. I always heard about the viciousness of the golani brigade. Fifteen to knock down by barbarian Hamas is really a lot.

The Qassam spokesperson appeared later. IT was already announced that he would appear. . This masked muscled man has become a regular since two weeks, he speaks eloquently, one can only see his big hands, and only try to imagine how his face looks like behind the mask. Interestingly also, he doesn’t seem to look dark and barbarian (this image of terrorists) .the man speaks about the achievements, the massacre, the children that were killed, the number or mortars the resistance militias have destroyed, some description of the combat, and after ten minutes he announced: “ We have captured a soldier “ and he gave his name and serial number in the army, in what seemed to be a direct blow to the Israeli army and the media that just finished their arrogant briefing less than an hour before .

Fireworks were in the sky. That is serious … real fireworks, exactly after he finished, people went out to the streets everywhere, what was a state of mourning just moments before turned into a celebration. Even in the hospitals in Gaza.

Suddenly, a whole sense of faith came back to us.

These people know what they are doing. They are not seeking anything accept our dignity back as a nation.

The night turned into celebration in the streets of Palestine and the Arab world. Beirut, Amman, and the West Bank cities were cheering in the streets confronting courageously the Israeli forces.


This is exceptionally bizarre. To celebrate a capturing of a single soldier, when the whole land is mourning, when the hospitals are filled with people, when people in Gaza don’t know if they will wake up to another day …

But yet, this gave us faith in us. In what we can do as people.

Resistance is like our pulse. It indicates our survival.

That’s again all about Palestine.

It is not just about the people. It s about such people who are out there protecting the dignity of this nation.

It is about the Just Cause of the Palestinian People …


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