From Gaza to Mosul: Support and Solidarity, One Cause, One Enemy

From Gaza to Mosul: Support and Solidarity, One Cause, One Enemy
Palestinians in Gaza and Christians in Mosul are facing the same dark future again …

How sad, and exciting it could be when humanity meets and separates. In what would have looked like a favorite conspiracy theory illusion just before Snowden revealed the reality of the Mossad trained agent who declared himself as a Khalifa’s in Da’esh. The timing of expelling and threatening the Christians of Mosul from their homes in another old scene of backward Islam. In an attempt to take the attention of the world from the Israeli crimes that are being committed against Palestinians in Gaza.
Somehow in a critical irony of history, Christians in Mosul and Palestinian’s share a solid resemblance aside from being Arabs. The fact that they are the people of the land. Long before those claiming civilizations from any religion that exist today came into existence. Maybe Israel gave a new component to radical Zionist Judaism that comes in line entirely with radical Islamic fundamentalists. They share one thing for sure; believing that they are the chosen people. They are the only ones with the right to exist, OR.
It is true that our brothers and sisters in Mosul are experiencing the horrors of medieval criminals. Our brothers and sisters in Gaza are experiencing the fear of high Tec criminals. The only difference is the time … having a murderer with a sword or in an f16 makes the difference in time. Responding to the horror.
Both resisting, fighting, dying because they both have the just cause of being the people of the land. The civilization. The earth of that land. Something Israel and Da’esh can never comprehend. Because they are the promised people of the Devils


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