Reflecting on Israel : NOW

Some years ago, telling an Israeli that his state is a Nazi state, would have been the worse kind of offense that could turn the table of a discussion upside down. I learned to train my tolerance towards differentiating and sensitivity towards issues that could be offensive to the others.
However, in the series of ten years, Israel has grown systematically towards an apartheid state into a racist ethnic component, that I personally didn’t believe I would witness in my generation. I always imagined reflecting with my grandchildren on such a topic in a decade or two …
In this crisis, that is crowned in the aggression on Gaza. Israel successfully managed not just to pull itself towards a racist definition of a state, but create a real image of bringing itself to a real Nazi scene.
It is not about just putting Palestinians in isolated chunks of what looks like a ghetto. It is about applying a Nazi regime that worked on eliminating the Jewish race. I am really not so sure if this is all within the theory of the pedagogy of the oppressed, regarding oppressor-oppressed explanations. Otherwise one cannot explain the brutality and murderous preaching that is taking place now.
Israel kept a good reputation in its aggressive methods against the Palestinians in the last years in compass with comparison with the violent acts taking place in the neighboring countries such as Syria and Iraq. However, what Israel has committed in the last few weeks simply brought it back to the original image of illegal occupation. As Israel struggled for years to wipe away the images of the Palestinian exodus and the massacres committed against Palestinians in 1948. In what appeared to be so systematic and progressive to a level that we Palestinians even started to rebuild our image of 1948. Thankfully, Israel proved me right, faster than what I expected.
The images of destruction in the last month only prove cruelty and viciousness of Israel as a state of occupation that has been born as a result of Nazism criminality.
It didn’t just make Israel on the same level with Da’esh (proved now, trained by the Mossad) and al-Qaida and all those criminal groups; it pushed Israel more towards Nazism.
If Israel still believes that what Da’esh do in slaughtering people in medieval style is obnoxious, it should know by now that this image of video games Wars is not less ugly. It’s more of stimulating and fits more in the virtual world of today.
It doesn’t change the reality of criminality and criminal actions that are implemented on the ground.
A criminal is a criminal, dressing in a medieval turban or a 21st century armed soldier.


  1. I agree with you totally. And the world is seeing the slaughter and Israel’s true face is being revealed. This has nothing to do with religion, it is pur hatred, dominance, and racism.

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