From a tweet to a post to the remote control …

That is the most of what can come out of watching life…

Our life.

The soap operas are even behind history in this, it is like watching a real TV show.

But it is not Days of Our Lives and it is not the Big Brother …

It is the ongoing Exodus of the Palestinian People.

The world watches.

With shock sometimes, with owe another.

With a grieving moment and a raging moment.

With disappointment, with applauds.

Some analyze, some justify.

Some pro and some against.

We become part of the show.

We watch live demonstrations.

This is battered, and this needs to have his face covered.

Oh the bastard caught him.

Damn the reporter got shot.

These kids were lynched …now, there, here? Where?

Is this TV or down the street?

Another house,



Neighborhood turn into rubbles.

Children screaming with horror.

Others cry in shocked oppressed silence.

A fractioned body here. A dislocated organ there.

Mothers looking for children.

Children searching for parents.

Men unearthing rubbles …searching for survivors … searching for dead…

We watch death live…

The smell of Blood.

Of rotten corpses under the rubbles.

Have burnt corpses from air and ground strikes and bombardment.

A body of a child.

A body of a girl, a boy.

A man a woman.

A dog a cat…

Humans and animals unite in death.

Humans and animals unite in degenerative slaughter.

Silence becomes the only relevant word.





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