Hard Talk , harder reality

Hard talk … harder reality

I am listening to Khalid Mish’al’s interview with Hard Talk for the second time. I cannot but connect every word with reality on the ground. Not the reality of destruction that is taking place. Not the speeding increasing number murdered people. Not the thousands of wounded. Not the displacement of the more than a hundred thousand of people again. It is about the hard reality of being Palestinian. It is about the hard reality of what the world want to become of us.
A continuous state of enforced oppression that we Palestinians are forced to accept.
What is it about us that make all want to make sure we are kneeling, obeying, accepting oppression and being grateful for anything given to us as if granted?
Mish’al’s interview didn’t carry anything new. But something that kept addressing me as a Palestinian was there both in his tone and in his words. It could be funny how I always relate things to my personal life, to divorce. When you just want to run for your life from an abusive relation. When you are the one who is violated, abused and it is so clear to all. And yet everyone tries to force you into another reality. A reality of a forced oppression.
Why is it so impossible for us Palestinians to be living in a normal state of living?
Why do we have to beg for our freedom? For our basic rights as human beings in a land that is ours.
Why is Israel always rewarded for its violations, crimes, and genocides?
Why is it hard for the world to accept us? Not just accept us. Why is this world trying to be part of our extinction? As if there is a threat in us that they all seem to know except us. As if there is something contagious about us and they want to make sure they exterminate.

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