State Terror can only breed terrorists. #Gaza #FreePalestine

I am not sure I can call my status as the luxury of being in my own home anymore. Even watching the viciousness of this unjust declared war on civilians is as horrible. I am suddenly staring into corpses of mutated bodies, burnt, their eyes still fresh in their glare. Children, young people, women … how much more do these blood thirsty criminals need to serve their thirst to our blood?
This is not a war against Hamas. This is not a war against militants. This is a war directly targeting children and mothers. This is a war of ethnic cleansing …direct ethnic cleansing.
What kind of tomorrow do they expect? Peace? The survivors of these massive murders would be the future peacemakers with these criminal butchers?
What do Israeli mothers think when their sons are assassinating children? What are the lessons these people teaching to their children? How can the Israeli public see these massacres committed by their own sons and parents and justify? How can they find morality? How can they explain it to their conscience? Aren’t these parents the second or first generation of holaucost survivors? Are they just giving their children a graphic live scene of the holocaust?
Where is the damn humanity in Israelis?
Or is it as simple as. They are not human beings.
What do they think when they see the scenes of barbarian murders committed in Syria and Iraq committed by their own hands?
Or they still believe in their moral democracy?
With each blood drop from a Palestinian child and woman. … Israel is losing every and any potential for a Palestinian voice that will believe in its sincerity in living side by side.
Israel has took us back to the 48 era… We are re-living the Nakba. We are witnessing what the Israeli terror militias committed to our people in the 1948 …
We will not forget.
And this … we will neither forgive nor forget.

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