From Subjugation to Emancipation : #PalestineResists

From subjugation to emancipation

In 25 days of this vicious war on Gaza, the only difference that took place is the mounting numbers of victims for tens to over a hundred per day. The scenes continue to be overwhelming in the massivity of the destruction. The madness of aggression. Israel is behaving like a mad monster. Such an offensive, disgusting way of behavior.

As much as it seems baffling to see the numbers escalating between wounded and slew. The horrendous scenes of fatality are something that my eyes still refuse to get used to grasp into and give a gaze. The spectral scenes I sneak in haunt me day and night. I tend to ease myself with looking into numbers and images of the victims before they were inhumanly slain.

There must be a crisis in defining humanity.

It is not that I am blaming Israel less. Israel behaviors reflect the ideology of the occupier. I never expected from Israel less being the occupier. However, as the world is watching these daily massacres and yet justifying, mobilizing, defending makes me speechless in front of the loss of human morality.

It is simply amazing how power shifts in its definition. I was hearing the Qassam leader or spokesperson, a new name that Israel also makes look like a phantom hero, Mohammad Dheif. The fact that the man speaks in a shadow, with this impressing quiet voice. A voice with not a single tremble of hostility or ferocity. Interestingly quiet and soft, but yet impressing sharp and quite to the point, reaching out likes a poem. The Israeli channel was demonizing him, and it was kind of cynical to hear his voice, which is soft and harmonizing to the ear, with aggressive tones from the Israeli TV person. How sarcastic it is becoming, that these people, the “terrorists” “militias” “ insurgents” of “fundamentalist” besieged Hamas, have come this far of turning into heroes. Into such power, despite their “ridiculous” “home-made” “ ill-trained” “primitive” capabilities.

There is this astounding reality. The Resistance ( “Hamas” as Israel insist on calling them) managed to face the mighty army of Israel despite the unprecedented siege of the Gaza Strip that included seclusion from all means of normality including controlling the amount of food a Gazan can have per calorie. And yet, these very people that Israel with the help of the “civilized” ”modern” ”democratic” world obstructed and defined are showing the morality of true civilization. Dheif, the “terrorist” was saying in his announcement how they refrain from targeting civilians regardless of some casualties on the Palestinian side.

The more I watch of this invasion, the more I feel proud that I don’t belong to this other part that calls itself a modern civilization. A culture that claims democracy only on its race and color and closes its hearts on human butchery, on the destruction of all means … is nothing but a colonial civilization that has nothing civilized in its roots.

As much as each victim that falls in this brutal savagely aggression breaks my heart, as much as this bloodbath is filling our thirst towards freedom. These people that are falling victims in forms of inexcusable carnage are ascending into our hearts with their souls. Each and every victim that was targeted as prey in this savage attack has filled our lives with a spiritual presence that is giving us determination and resilience in a unique approach.

And while the pure spirits of those victims ascend into our hearts, the hypocrite world is descending from our minds.

For more than sixty years of bearing the Palestinian cause, the Palestinian people tried to cope with occupation in peace and war, quietness, and violence, intolerance, and prejudice, in recognition and defiance. We sought to bury our miseries, our tragedies, our calamities, and our catastrophes. We danced and waltzed on the world tunes with Israel and the universe. We allowed ourselves to become associates in our lands. We watched our rights and plight to be swollen systematically and despotically. We were blamed as perpetrators. We were transformed in solicitors tramping for help and pity to be acknowledged.

And now, as we are living the Nakba again. As we are re-witnessing expulsion and ejection. Rejection and denunciation. Coercion and subjugation.

We are living a state of emancipation and deliverance. …That never before has brought us closer to liberation.


  1. Nadia, all of the world is not blind to Palestinians and hundreds of thousands are doing what we can to stop this genocide. Sad to say, it is the ongoing plight of the world and in recent history – the results of the continuing colonial mind-set of European “leaders.” But, yes, this resistance makes a strong statement. For a people can take only so much of subtraction from real living before they choose resistance to death so that life can be regained. Thank you for your strong and insightful words.

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