Stage cleared!!!!

The crisis beheaded on Gaza finally revealed an confirmed the statuses of other countries towards us . THe consensus to exterminate the Palestinians in Gaza was taken by the confirmation of some arab countries , obviously ; Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, under the auspices of U.S.A and some European countries.
Nothing brings any surprise, just adding to the continuous piles of disappointment of the world. It definitely confirms the Arab States real status , which was suspected .
What remains is the PA and Abu Mazen’s real position . This is the time where Abu Mazen’s true face and position will be also confirmed . If it was just his pragmatic attitude and wrong judgement in the last years . Or if he was also a partner in the coalition against the aggression on Gaza. Whether he signs the Geneva Convention\ Protocols immediately or not will confirm to us his true face.
I as a Palestinian was ready to understand\tolerate Abu Mazen’s ill decisions and weaknesses ,believing that he may be a true believer of his choice of Oslo direction . However , if he refrains form immediately signing the Protocols of Geneva it confirms that he is part of a treachery against his nation .
We can forgive him for all.. but never if he proves he was a traitor . It is the only time to prove and stand up for Palestine.

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