Another continuous passing thought in failure of humanity

As a helpless spectator on the ongoing slaughters in Gaza. As a Palestinian who has been always weary about the intention of Occupation , with the belief that occupation cannot be beautified under a painted segregation wall, or governmental benefits, or American style shopping malls. Occupation , mainly in our case , is about a systematic attempt of ethnic cleansing that takes all shapes and forms …including state of the art murders.
I found myself sitting endlessly infront of the TV and my laptop writing , posting, tweeting, re-tweeting, re-blogging, re-posting ..somehow with those i am not sure how efficient means trying to help in unveiling this injustice on my people along with thousands who also made it their duty.
Among this was re=posting images that I would have never posted or had the courage or the morality to look at . I just cannot bear the scenes of seeing the death . slaughtering of any living thing . it was heartbreaking ,but yet maybe attributing amid the world of social media , to be able to see those just few days ago children, girls and boys , men and women normal people like all of us posing in a picture for a dream of life . somehow all those social media thing help humanise the ferro that was beheld on these victims , and give them some moments of recognition that sadly they will not witness.
Amid this were posts for murdered people, especially those affiliated with children , that somehow i found myself sneaking into watching and strangely not scaring me and forcing me to quickly click away . i don’t know what the right words are t ouse in a situation when it is all about a human tragedy prevailing by all means , but those scenes of those innocent pure victims were alive. they didn’t contribute to the sense of seat that is overwhelmingly haunting the place. there was a lot of peace in their final glare into the inhumanity that earth forced on them . some scenes of parents holding their children probably trying to save them before the viciousness of death aggressed on them . a brother holding tight to his child sister . a father dying peacefully killed with his daughter . A living child sitting next to his dead glazing eyes of his mother waiting for her to wake up . so many images of humanity that human beings failed to save.
a feeling that continued to invade me , maybe giving me some false salvation , to believe that maybe … just maybe all this injustice of this earth is already being repaid up their in a more peaceful horizon that is protected in a sky that the israeli criminals and the world fascist regimes cannot reach .. a safe place the God can operate in peace with those whom he chose to ascend with their spirit in his heavens .. somehow those scenes of those children keep passing through in my mind peacefully , in the first time ever in my life feeling that i can contribute to angels … angels of assassinated dreams of living ..that people on earth couldn’t help keep.
May all those innocent pure victims who have been brutally kidnapped from life be resting in peace …


  1. I feel a sense that we’ve lost our humanity and like you I’ve followed on twitter and retweeted for the last week. There are times I feel overwhelming sadness mixed with anger. I wrote my blog on it the other day, for what it’s worth. People often say how could we let the Holocaust happen? This is how it happened. A people sacrificed on the altars of political gain an opportunity. Zionism like other isms is a cancer that must be cut out. I hope for the best but fear for the times ahead.

  2. For the longest I had been so caught up in progressing with my life and elevating myself as a person. But since coming across you I can’t help but want to put a hold on my life and forget all my aspirations and desires because I feel it is only fair to you and those who are suffering today. I can’t quite enjoy food or going out as much because I just think about what’s going on right now and I am so helpless to be able to do anything but share you with everyone I know. Nothing you do is in vain and you will not be forgotten.

    1. ur words are so strong ,I don’t know what to say . Thank u ,something got directly to my depth . We aspire life ,despite all… somewhere , somehow it is an unbeatable resilience … I hope it takes us one day to freedom .
      i was just trying to tweet part of a sentence in Noam Chomsky’s article , i would like to share with you . In an interview, human rights lawyer Raji Sourani, who has remained in Gaza through years of Israeli brutality and terror, said, “The most common sentence I heard when people began to talk about cease-fire: Everybody says it’s better for all of us to die and not go back to the situation we used to have before this war. We don’t want that again. We have no dignity, no pride; we are just soft targets, and we are very cheap. Either this situation really improves or it is better to just die. I am talking about intellectuals, academics, ordinary people: Everybody is saying that.”

  3. Nadia, I had not seen that quote but those are words I said talking to a friend yesterday, that Gazans were resisting because the blockade has placed them in a state of slavery, not living. For the history of American slavery I know was one in which thousands resisted, and chose death over enslavement, even death of their own children. I have been placing a brief prayer beneath the photos of everyone posted on Humanize Palestine that they may rest in peace. And yes, I understand what you are saying about the deaths of the little ones. Their’s is a sacrifice but in the whole of life is a much greater purpose and picture we do not see. I pray from the depths of my heart that the world will force this blockade to end – and that the Palestinian people will be able to flourish. Thank you for continuing to share, not only information, but your heart.

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