Israel Syndrome

Israel Syndrome

Israel is such a strange psychological situation . I think one day there will be something called Israel syndrome which will be defined as follows : The capability to lie, deny, ignore, defend sturdily criminal actions and live in absolute denial and self hallucinated victory in one moment . And confronting opposite characterization of the exactly previous moment in absolute self criticism, blame, extremity in defeat.
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  1. It’s similar to the collective Stockholm syndrome that America suffers from. We are too in love with our captors to identify with our fellow captives.

  2. It’s mass blindness to be perfectly blunt. People have often spoken about the lessons of the Holocaust but one lesson I’ve learned from the Holocaust is that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, as Goebbels is reported to have said. This big lie is repeated over and over until the truth is all but erased. The myth of the brave Israeli fighting maniacal Arab armies has been exposed for what it is, a lie. The world press saw the face of the true terrorist and nothing can ever be the same again. Keep blogging and I’ll keep following.

    1. Thank you . I loved your words ” Its mass blindness to be perfectly blunt ” . I think this is israel’s major way of believing that they can always get away with it . and of course there is the victim side of them that they can always use. we cannot know how much of lies have been written in history . in the holaucost history particularly . but whether a lie or reality , the horror of it is something they managed to make us relive , and this puts so much of that story into questioning , which doesn’t matter anymore .. because reality is what they are ding today . and this is what will count

      1. There’s a school of thought that says the Jews have hijacked the Holocaust narrative at the expense of the Slavs, Romany and other people who didn’t quite fit the Aryan ideal model. What I’ve found encouraging is seeing the Jews for Peace coming out in their droves saying ‘not in my name.’ The silence of Speilberg and Howard Stern is deafening. I’m seeing mass demonstrations all over the world, Moslems, Jews, Christians and humanists from all walks of life marching in defence of Palestine. They’re doing this because the human side of the Palestinian has been shown and that has done serious damage to Israel’s reputation. Look at it this way. America won every battle in Vietnam but lost the war. Why? The media was recording the bloodshed on both sides, something the military did correct during the First Gulf war with embedded journalists. There were other factors at work as well, the civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights to a lesser extent and a grassroots revolt against the establishment. The key link for all these movements was the Vietnam war, which ultimately led to America’s withdrawal of support for a corrupt Saigon regime. Seeing the Palestinians as humans as opposed to the likes of Regev callously writing the slaughter off as human shields and blaming the victim has disgusted many people. Thus they may have won a military victory but they’ve lost the war and while it may take time for real change I’m hopeful that momentum in the West and other regions can effect change. In the end all we have is hope.

      2. the different versions of the holaucost really don’t bother me , because again ,as a palestinian , israel made a living one for us.
        The military winning was not questionable . in fact they did militarily lose . what they did is mass destruction and murders. but they were fought back the moment they went to their ground with their heavy sophisticated armoury in front of the palestinian resistance that is hundred percent under siege with limited access to weapon . i think it was not just a war that exposed israel immoral face, when u see the pics of 60 soldiers killed and on the other side pics of more that 200 palestinian children and same amount of women killed . that wasn’t a winning . they entered in a genocide and they were proud of it . that was defeat . exactly like the vietnam defeat .

      3. God I hope something good comes out of this. I can’t get those pictures out of my mind. The Israeli explanations are hideously wrong. I’ve got extensive knowledge of military hardware and military tactics. Even leaving the subject of the blockade aside they broke every goddamn rule in the book. That makes them either incompetent or monsters. I go with the second one. The world finally met the world’s most dangerous terrorist. Netanyahu. Bibi the Butcher.

      4. it made them incompetent monsters . they lived with the reputation for being the monsters for years, now they are both . At the beginning of the beginning of the aggression an egyptian news anchor was itterviewing a palestinian leader of the jihad resistance group ,and she was horrified on the idea that how dare you face israel , you cannot beat them they are the vicious monster.

      5. And yet Jews rose up against a vastly superior force in the Warsaw ghetto. Ultimately doomed but we see them as heroes so how come Hamas are seen as terrorists? Israel is a monster and what he eats is land.

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