Good Morning Gaza

How beautiful it feels to take a breath of air with some “cease-fire” in the air.
As the destruction of Gaza still unveils itself , with sever loss of properties, and ongoing disclosure of corpses . Electricity , water ,poison, dust problems … A misery that will continue to befall on the people of this chivalrous city .
The number of victims will continue to rise. Hundreds of children have become orphans . Hundreds of men and women have been widowed . Tens of families have been wiped away from the registrations forever … and tragedies of the brutality of the aggression will continue to divulge.
But yet …
Amid the destruction unity of a whole nation prevailed…
and the real face of the monstrous vicious occupation is exposed…

Resistance is the way to life..
Continue to teach us life Gaza..


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    I find it funny, people proclaiming others doing things, but instead they do it themselves, it’s a nice lesson in psychology called projection. People in Israel that agree with whats going on, need to look in the mirror for once. Maybe they will see who the true enemy really is.

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