Unrevised… another Palestinian terrorist

I wrote this some days ago ,

Today a Palestinian young man, Mohammad Ja’abis, 25 years old, from Jerusalem, got up in the morning, bid farewell to his parents for what they thought was another day at work, “stole” a bulldozer and deliberately ran into an Israeli bus turning it upside down, attempt it until the last breath he took to smash as much as he can until the 25th bullet of the Israeli soldiers or police or security or settlers all killed him. (Of course at this instant one would wonder how come Israeli civilians use guns this easily and quickly)
Another Palestinian terrorist. This time not trained in the tunnels of “Hamas”. But probably has been like me sitting infront of TV for the last month watching the massacres perpetrated on his people in Gaza, with lesser privileges forced to work under an Israeli boss or business that definitely subjugated him instantly in the last month. It reminds me of a similar story on the wake of the 2009 war implemented on Gaza, when another young man entered a religious school were he worked as a driver and killed the people there.
There is no need to deeply analyze what happened. While I a definite Israeli Nazi forces are trying to link him to Hamas. Another incident was recalled taking place in Wad el Joz when a Palestinian also ran into Israelis in his car. Another one on a motorcycle shot Israelis in the French hill settlement.
Whether the actions are connected through a certain fraction or done individually, which I assume were performed individually, but could have been decided by each, upon the call of resistance fractions in Gaza for resistance in the west bank and Jerusalem.
Yesterday, while I was driving back home with my daughters, a group of Israeli youth crossed the roads, and my youngest daughter said sarcastically, what if we run over them. My other daughter was adding, why not, we will somehow payback the murders of Gaza. Trying to be the mother, I said, how can we think of killing people whom we don’t even know? My daughter interrupted quickly but that is what they do to us all the time.
Then I told them, do you think we can really do this. Are we capable of really running over people who are just walking, or any people? My daughter quickly said, of course we cannot. I already feel bad joking about it.
It took me to a thought that I shared with my eldest daughter loudly, of how lucky we are to still have the ability to look at them and see them as fellow people, just like us and to connect to that. My daughter agreed and then added: But mom, if we were people whose family has just been lost, a father, a mother, a daughter, a loved one, we will definitely stop seeing them except as our killers.


  1. I’m not sure if this website and organisation applies to your situation, I’m guessing from your post you’re either in the West Bank/East Jerusalem or Israel. The site is http:www.theparentscircle.com. (Parents Circle – Families Forum) or PCFC, is an organisation of Israeli and Palestinian famlies who’ve lost loved ones in the conflict. As to whether this applies to your current situation or not I’m not sure but it’s a step in the right direction to see the other as a human being being and not automatically give them the label of Zionist or Jihadist. Going by the website they have joint meetings and some kind of support network such as a summer youth camp. Not sure if if’s much help but just passing on the information.

  2. Nadia, it is sad that war can make murderers of us all – if not actually physically killing people but in our minds. I strive to be a Buddhist and to have compassion for all sentient beings, but I did feel a certain justification and almost exaltation when I read that Israeli soldiers had been killed. But, violence begets violence and it is very difficult for people to rise above it when they have lost those dearest to them. I pray daily now that the truce will continue, that the blockade of Gaza will end, that more Israelis and Jewish people will speak the truth about the wrongness of Netanyahu and the violence his government and military have created. You are a strong woman and excellent mother. May you and yours stay protected and know peace and justice soon.

    1. the truce stopped … the cycle is just ongoing . however , there is a need maybe to this . if the world cannot stop israel from its continuous oppression and ongoing occuatopn and arrogance , it is us palestinians who should . i think the resistance yesterday made their final word. and israel needs to know that we are not begging its mercy . we are just asking for our rights. we need to come back as a nation and this is happening now and people are happy about it . israel will continue to kill our children , and we will continue to bring children to life. i agree that violence breed violence ,and on top, oppression breeds resistance. i hope i will not ever get to a day when i will not look into an israeli victim with sympathy .

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