1. Dear Nadia, it seems like Palestine must come together as one and learn to dance with the snake. Instead of shooting fireworks. As first steps, it needs to deepen friendships with sympathetic Israelis and educate.

    If things continue the way they are, the Israeli extermination programme will resume. Hamas and other elements of the Palestinian Administration must learn to set aside the differences and place within Israeli political life.

    Palestinians must show their hearts are greater than the aggressors and forgive the past. I wish Palestine every success in building the port that is being talked of, this will enable Palestine to import goods and support the boycotting of those who continue to support division and oppression.

    Once upon a time, the Jews were also Palestinians and as the Jews defeated their Goliath, the Palestinians must become like the mythical David to slay the Goliath that Israel has become.

    I am suggesting that the Palestinians make the ultimate sacrifice to love their enemy and absorb them into a greater Palestine.

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