Art of death

I still feel taken with the ‘artistic’ scene of the chapel in Kotna Hora in the Czech Republic . Touring this enchanting country feels like Alice in wonderland. But the chapel with the skulls and bones decorations wasn’t the best artistic thing I wanted to see in my life. I used to think that Viennese art is the most hideous … until I saw this .
The photos will speak for themselves.
The funny thing was the explanation of our tour guide , who was splendid to know that I was from the Holy Land and offered me a Hebrew flyer for the explanation, after telling us this story of how people go to the Holy Land and bring Earth to this cemetery .. I was thinking , the place should be blessed by having someone (me) from the Holy land in person not just the earth … but i wasn’t the designated holy person !!!..
The explanation was that someone (a king or something ) decided to use all the (leftovers) of the cemetery because it was full and overloaded since the 13th and 14th century ,and as a reminder to people that they will die they did this !!!!
the photos will tell the rest of the story IMG_4039







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