Between Truth and Reality

Between Truth and Reality …

Those thin lines of differences of what lies between truth and reality define our existence.
Being Palestinian..
A state of truth that is engraved within the lines of history that traces existence and mark itself with us ;
The people of Palestine .
In a reality that is forged by the power of interests and colonization that came up with a reality that is called Israel .
Between our Truth and their Reality ..
Our existence and theirs lie .
On thin lines .
Between Truth and Reality.


  1. Greetings Nadia,
    I loved your piece.
    It gives me alot to think about
    May I trouble you with a question, if thats okay.
    I was homeless for the last 3 months.
    I had lived with 20 other women at a Church shelter.
    One young woman 18 years old converted to being Muslim (or Moslem?)
    However, she insisted on rising at 2AM to do her prayers & in doing so she woke up
    the rest of the residents.
    The homeless shelter rules dictate that everyone everyday wake up at 6:30AM & leave the shelter
    at 7:45AM not returning until 6PM.
    Wasn’t sure about the prayer times which I thought was at sunrise (5AM) that would be better.
    Luckily I have an apartment now.
    Stay strong I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

    1. first i am happy that life treated you in a better way now . i don’t know why this woman woke up at 2 , when the dawn prayer was at 4 or five. maybe she was an excessive praying person . there is something called the istikhara prayer that is between the evening prayer and the dawn and it is dedicated to people wanting to ask something from God , as if u want to know if a certain issue in your life and you want to know if u can go on with it or stop. maybe that was her situation . being in a shelter , and homeless, she was probably trying her best to reach out a call to God ) .
      thank you for ur nice words. and i wish us all peace in all means

      1. Thank you so much.
        It means a lot to me that your patient to answer back.
        Because this particular incident I didn’t handle real well due to the lack of sleep from the racket the young lady created.
        Thank you again.

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