Prisoner of love.. still timely in every word

Prisoner of love…. an eternal masterpiece of Palestinian inner mess from a real lover to this cause despite its people ….

“I ought to have seen sooner that aid to the Palestinians was an illusion. whether it came from the Gulf or from North Africa it was ostentatious and declamatory, but flimsy.
Gradually my feelings changed, especially after 1973war. I was still charmed, but i wasn’t convinced, I was attracted but not blinded. I behaved like a prisoner of love.
I thought 3 years of passionate love was inevitable.5years perhaps. But after that there’d come the typical lover’s weariness.(Would the Palestinian revolution have exercised such a strong fascination on me if it hadn’t been fought against what seemed to me the darkest of peoples? – a people whose beginning claimed to be the Beginning, who claimed that they were, and meant to remain, the Beginning, who said they belonged to the Dawn of Time?To ask the question is, I think, to answer it.Taking place against the background of o the Dawn of beginnings, the Palestinian revolution was no ordinary battle to recover stolen land: it was a metaphysical struggle. Israel imposing its morals and myths on the whole world, saw itself an identical with Power. It was Power. The mere sight of the fedayeen’s meagre guns showed the immeasurable distance there was between the two forces: on the one hand just a few dead and wounded; on the other annihilation, accepted and even desired by Europe and the Arab countries.”

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