Sabra and Shatilla 33 years ago..Gaza today…..tomorrow?

Commemorating another massacre seems to be the destiny of Palestine and Palestinians .
Each year , the images of what used to be one of the worse massacres of what the modern democratic world witnessed in 1983 under the direct orders of Sharon , who became later the prime minister of Israel under the slogan of Sharon brings Shalom , seem to be less evil and cruel than the still flourinshing images of Rafah and Khan Yunes. Israeli brutality can never seize to amaze us . A reminder every few years of the cruelty of occupation . of the hatred that they implant in their people one generation after the other .
A generation after the other , that insist that we are nothing but an outer- spaced species to their promised land .. the land that they told them were for the people with no land ..the land with no people… except a few millions of a species that is called Palestinians .
As the images of sabra and Shatilla mix with the smell of fresh blood of Gaza. ..
The same scenes of murdered children in the streets in Sabra once … Rafah , Khan Yunes …. A long list that seems to be haunting anything Palestinian ..
We watch ….
With silence once .
With rage .
With a reflection on a history that doesn’t want to turn it’s bloody page from us , and insist to document it’s words from our blood.
Waiting perhaps…
For a God’s justice..
Or another massacre which someone else will write it for us…

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