Incoherence of my mind

There is this state of serenity in the sky that seems strange in comparison to what is going on the ground. Watching this movement between the sky and earth is quite interesting. A unique harmony that seems to be organized secretly and quietly. But somehow it still doesn’t fit.
IT could be all a reflection of what is going on in my head. There is a certain personal peace of mind taking place inside my head. It could be the reason for seeing the brightness of the sky and the harmony in the different directions of movement of everything else.
It could be also an act of mourning. Taking place in harmony within this metaphysical errand. A time that the universe is taking to reflect in silence on the murders, deaths, destruction that took place.
Or maybe it is an act of desperation. As if oppression is meant to stay. As if the blood of victims that was spoilt is part of the deal in nature. As if it is all organized before. Oppressors and oppressed. Victims and perpetrators. Those who pay their lives and those who take the rewards.
A state of tranquility that precedes the storm. Could it be? An aftermath of a deadly earthquake?
Is it an eternal state of defeat? Should we just accept it?
But then, a quote for Mandela forced itself on my wall: “ to deny people their human rights is to challenge their humanity”. It has nothing to do with us accepting this state of defeat or not. It is just a natural consequence of denial of our humanity. This systematic behavior of transforming us into sub-humans. Some species that are under full control behind a segregation wall and a checkpoint. Allowed to food and limited movement from one enclave to another. Exactly like a zoo.
It seems so crazy; Animal Farm is jumping from my head. All Orwellian theories are being formulated in my brain with Kafkean equations. How proud I should feel. To know that all the disfunctionalities of history are the formation of my identity as a nation.
After all, the brightness of the beautiful blue in the sky is not just a reflection of serenity…
It is nothing but a reflection probably … on the continuous state of mess. A break from the reality on the ground…


  1. That sky is as much of a reality as the terrible things happening on this ground. It is so difficult — in the face of all of the terrible things happening now — all of them – the murders in Gaza, Syria, immigrants, the people dying of Ebola and others killing from fear — their is a depth of insanity and inhumanity going on. But, also, there is another side — there are people all over striving and working for better. We have to hold onto that as that is a truth and a triumph. As long as we have night and sun balance will come.

    1. balancing the unbalanced.. it should be a title )))
      i loved what u said .. the sky being a reality .. it is very real.. but something about what it witnesses and how it responds to it is still unknown. maybe others see it and live it in a different set up of this universe.
      how the moments of hope are always smaller than the moments of despair, but they yet drive us to continue attempting survival.

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