dwelling on the situation

It is one those times again, when a feeling of desperation mixed with unknown, unexplainable situations following one another. It feels like a closing chapter into testing our senses. A full circle of what started in Hebron more than two months ago with the alleged kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli settlers closed today with the murder of the alleged kidnappers. A story that only the Israeli army machine knows its details and the reality of it.
Aside from conspiracy thinking, it still remains too much of a coincidence how things coincided. What is strange is our reaction as people. How suddenly we went back to the first state of numbness. The two men killed, snatched, while the whole city is watching. If this happened last month Hebron would have been on fire.
The Israeli army kills another incident in Gaza, a fisherman. This is not the first incident in the last week. Israel is officially violating by this the truce, and yet, it is just another passing incident, barely reported.
What is it that makes our reactions jump from one situation to the other? Did we end our resistance by the celebrations of the seize fire. Are we too tired from acting or even reacting?
Everything magically returned to the first state of numbness. Palestinians contracting with Israeli army on the displacement on Bedouins and we are watching. Demonstrating in vagueness. A call for help from the Maqased hospital. It is going fro bankruptcy and the PA is watching, and we are watching. The Israeli flags on East Jerusalem neighborhoods increase each day. Karm al Mufti actually turned into a compound for future settlers and we pass through unnoticing.
We go again to the grocery store, and Israeli products are filling the shelves, and shopping carts are shamelessly packed with occupation products. The malls are full with Arabs, people are planning the holidays in the occupation hotels, and young men are driving their cars with Israeli songs loud and aloud. Those same people whose neighborhoods were under curfew last week, those same people where the smell of sewage is still inverted in their walls.
Everything went back to the previous state of obscure impassiveness. Fateh officials blaming Hamas officials on TV screens. Loud voices with empty messages selling us a nation again and again.
And again, the occupation sets back until another rising moment in the unknown of our detached belonging to us and to this place called home.

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