a reflection on the mess

This could be another state of desperate confusion, yes perplexity. But perplexity is a state of sophistication I assume. I am not in that state at all…
It is the usual state of being unable to define things. So many bad news around.
I don’t know again if it is all a coincidence. I don’t know if Jerusalem is on the back of my mind coincidentally as well. But it is again another massive attempt to invade the Aqsa Mosque. People try to defend it with the real nothing that they have infront of the brutality of the combined occupation machine and fanatic settlers.
But this is not all. After all, let me say, Al Aqsa has a God to protect it. It is God’s place and let him defend his property if he wishes to. We will not be more caring for his things than him.
It is the murder of the two alleged accused men of yesterday that is troubling my already troubled mind.
It is not just this closed cycle of the story, and attempting to see how our reactions measure. The detail that is leaking from my mind and is put into questioning is what bothers me now.
So these two men have succeeded to disappear as if they never existed for the last three months. Real phantoms. I personally thought that they never existed. Israel turns everything in Palestine upside down from south to north and they don’t find them. And suddenly, they seize a neighbourhood and bang; the men are caught and killed. And the story ends.
In Gaza, there was this assassination operation for collaborators with Israel that took place, that I continue to condemn. The fact that people are accused and judged and executed within minutes forever is an act of dehumanization.
What is this act called then? The murderous operation of these two men?
This is not all.
How did the Israeli army know about where they were? It looks like they received a phone call of where they both were and they went quietly killed them, cleaned up and it was another day under occupation.
Yes, I blame the brutality of cold-blooded assassination. These two men were accused and executed based on assumptions. They were never even questioned about whether they did what they were accused of doing or not. The brutality of the Israeli occupation is not different in a bit than that of the execution of the collaborators. Same absence to human rights values. Same convention for the laws of jungle.
But, this is not all …
Who is the collaborator that called the Israeli army and gave them that silky detail about the location of the two? Was it another collaborator that needs to be executed? Or was it a whole coordination system that did the job of the collaboration?
As much as I wish it were a mere traitor, collaborator or two who did it, I know the reality is elsewhere …
The reality of our dark reality with the Oslo crackdowns, that continues to crack upon us.
While Israel sometimes succeeded in planting collaborators in Gaza, we can still point them out, execute them, threaten them, be weary of them, anything. We can define them.
In the West Bank, they turned collaboration into a system that coordinated for them … including coordination for assassination of our own men.

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