An Adha ( Sacrifice) of Humanity

As the Moslem world started its celebrations of the Adha Eid. Standing on Mt. Arafeh with millions on the mount and around the Islamic world, within every Muslim heart and prayer, calling and repeating the same prayer, taking an opportunity to plea fro God, to ask for forgiveness, to ask for wishes and desires …

Those very same Moslems just not far, on the borders that address the holiest Muslim city, stand poor and live in desperation. Announce killing and wars under the name of Allah. Leaders celebrate and congratulate Adha as if security and peace surrounds their people.

Saudi Arabia launches and builds projects that compete with world architecture and timeless pieces of accessories such as the clock of Mecca. Money that can feed all the poor in the world (that are mostly Muslims).

As we celebrate Adha (sacrifice), it seems that we are celebrating the sacrifice of what is left from our humanity.

When the scenes of killing, oppression, poverty and brutality seize to effect us, and yet we raise our hands up to the sky to plea to God for mercy and forgiveness.

Something is definitely seizing to exist inside us.

We even seized to idealize God, as God God also became a symbol that Islam in that particular place came to fight.

God became an abstract that we throw sacrifices before his feet. We march to a hill and stone a devil. We slaughter a lamb to celebrate the non slaughtering of Abraham’s son, and we watch with still dead hard eyes the slaughtering of others convinced maybe that they deserve it.

We pay Zakat (charity) and we refuse to feed the poor of Gaza convinced that they already received a lot.

This Eid arrived carrying and proving so many wrong beliefs and our main loss of what is left of our humanity …

Happy Adha again …happy sacrifice of humanity.


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