Jesus gets crucified again …and again

Jesus gets crucified again…..and again and again

I am closing this 600 pages book (novel) and cannot but continue to be indulged in it’s lines.

The crucification of Jesus that continues to happen since the crucification maybe daily , but we stop and witness such a resemblance in what is put as fiction , and yet represents every day of our lives.

Jesus, his loyal companions, the widow that is made a prostitute, the greedy nobles, the corrupt mayor, the devil disguised in a priest (or iman) , the sinful spoilt ruler , the worthless mob.

A daily story of life that faces Good and Evil. Evil disguised in Good, and Good struggling to stay Good.

A daily story of life where goodness is an aspiration, and hope is less than a moment ,and happiness is a dream .

A daily story of life when treason is presented with pride, and corruption is treated with applauds, and watching the suffering of the poor and needy is only a passing moment that is not even noticed.

A daily story of this life, where we all take part of the creating, making and killing in a Jesus in us and among us .

A daily story of love versus resentment , loyalty versus treason…

And good versus evil.

A daily story of humanity that creates and crucify, kill….God ,according to those who preach for their own interests …

Jesus will continue to be crucified … but would he ever really rise again ?


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